Biggest Fbct Ever!

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famousamous Posted 10 Aug 2005 , 3:59am
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Heres my latest cake. I made this for a casual wedding for a friend of my mothers. The bachlor wanted a Red Fish cake. I had no internet access so the bride brought over a big statue thingie of a Red fish that I could copy. Now I thought I would be doing a 9x7 cake seeing is how that is the largest cake Ive ever made and the largest pan I own but the bride insisted that would not be big enough. So I made 3 9x7's and cut one in half longwise. I also torted these cakes and filled it with 2 tubs of chocolate store bought icing. The cake was chocolate too. The bride bought 3 boxes of pudding, two cake mixes, two bags of powered sugar and the "filling". It was all last minute. She came over the night before with the fish statue and the supplies. I told her that I needed a picture of the fish and explained how a fbct was made and she said ok I got the perfect thing for you to use and still brought the statue.....uhhh. So I had to draw a picture of a Red fish and I CANNOT draw to save my life!!! Well she then says how much should I pay you? I told her it was really up to her (big mistake) and she said ok I will call you later about it.
Well the next night, and 3 broken fbct later when I finally had a presentable cake I took it to her house. Her husband was just tickled pink! He loved the cake!
After the wedding my mom came by my house and said everyone loved the cake how it was so moist and how the groom wouldnt let anyone cut the fish. lol
Long story short? I never got paid anything,(I figured at least 20bucks) but everyone loved the cake. I guess I did a good deed. Got my name out there(everyone wanted to know who made the cake and asked for my phone number). And my first "sheet cake was a success! Yeah!
icon_biggrin.gif I will never forget what a Red fish looks like and I have the urge to catch one and eat it!

Does this make me a real baker now? Hahaha! icon_lol.gif

Pictures are blurry and this is my recreation of the statue so please be kind. What am I saying I know you will!

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gma1956 Posted 10 Aug 2005 , 4:03am
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I think you did really good.. I like it too!!!!

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traci Posted 10 Aug 2005 , 4:09am
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That is a great groom's cake!!!! I can see why everyone liked it so much.
traci icon_smile.gif

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debsuewoo Posted 10 Aug 2005 , 4:19am
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Good job! I hope you can invest in larger pans one day..... save a little time and effort.


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famousamous Posted 10 Aug 2005 , 4:46am
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Thanks! Yeah one day I will get brave enough to use a sheet cake pan. Heck, im still pushin for a Kitchenaide mixer! Im using a hand held mixer.
My Birthday is comming up though!

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tcturtleshell Posted 10 Aug 2005 , 4:57am
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What a great job!!! It looks fantastic!! Oh, goodie.. I get to wish someone a Happy Bday soon!!

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melodyscakes Posted 10 Aug 2005 , 5:30am
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wow! your cake looks great! well, maybe she'll remember to pay you later when things calm down. if not, maybe the people that asked for your phone number will call and order a cake. i would call the bride and ask if everything went well, how did they like the cake, how was honey moon.....maybe she will remember to pay you!!! and if she does ask you what you charge, tell her a price this time!!!!!!
great cake
was doing a btc that big difficult?

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mudpie Posted 10 Aug 2005 , 6:28am
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I think it's cute, especially the lips and eyes. Sometimes it's best to work under pressure so as not to think too much!

Even if she doesn't pay you for your time, it was a learning experience and that's always a good thing.

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SheilaF Posted 10 Aug 2005 , 6:34am
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Your FBT came out great! I'm not very good at giving a price for cakes either. I've only done one for money so far in the last two years though. They are usually for family or friends or because I just want to try a new technique and the guys at my husbands office have to eat it (they don't mind one bit either! LOL).

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Lisa Posted 10 Aug 2005 , 12:59pm
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That is a big BCT...really well done!

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thecakemaker Posted 10 Aug 2005 , 1:05pm
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Looks great! Nice job!


sweetbaker Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
sweetbaker Posted 10 Aug 2005 , 4:25pm
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great job!

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ntertayneme Posted 10 Aug 2005 , 4:29pm
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Very well done!! It looks so nice and smooth too .. great job!!

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cakemommy Posted 10 Aug 2005 , 4:30pm
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It looks great! Wonderful!!!


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PolishMommy Posted 10 Aug 2005 , 4:31pm
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That looks great!!! I wish people around here would do more groom's cakes.

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loiscakes Posted 10 Aug 2005 , 5:29pm
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Wonderful job. I suggest you set some prices on your cakes based on size to start. I know there are sites that will tell you to how to do pricing by the serving and then price per everything they want (ie borders, flowers etc) but I find it easier to be able to tell someone what I charge and then decide if I can do the cake they want.

I charge $40.00 for 12"X18" large, $30.00 for Medium cakes 10" to 12", and $20 for small cakes. This is the only hobby I have ever had that is self supporting. Charge enough to get you some larger pans, the right equipment make a big differance.

famousamous Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
famousamous Posted 11 Aug 2005 , 3:14am
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Thanks for all the advice. I will definately come up with a price when I do a cake this large again. It really was alot of work. I dont think I will ever charge family but they keep asking me if I could make a cake for so and so and its putting me in an akward position. How do you guys deal with family members "refering" you to people...for free? icon_redface.gif
Especially such big projects.

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KATE39 Posted 11 Aug 2005 , 3:23am
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cakegal Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
cakegal Posted 11 Aug 2005 , 11:16am
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Yep...I agree with everyone else...
That is a "GREAT" BCT..
Good job!

SweetCreations Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
SweetCreations Posted 12 Aug 2005 , 1:19am
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Looks Wonderful. Sure hate that It Slipped her mind to pay you. but its great that your number was passed out and at least you got the credit for it! =0)

~Sweet~ =0)

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winy Posted 12 Aug 2005 , 1:58am
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That was a beautiful cake!. I'd love to be in that wedding just to taste it.
Congratulations, you're doing a great job.

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