My Husband Just Gave Away My Cake!!!!

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ericablondegirl Posted 23 Mar 2008 , 3:31am
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OK....I am ready to strangle my dear husband! A neighbor placed a cake order and her boyfriend stopped by to pay for the cake and my husband told him not to worry about it...that I made the cake as a gift. I guess that was in addition to the gift I already purchased for her. We are friends with this couple, but this is a business for me, not just a hobby. I am so mad. I know my husband was just being nice, but I've explained to him that in the future he needs to refer people to me in regards to cake orders....UUUGGGHHH. I always give friends & family discounts, but 100% discount is a great way to but me out of business. I will say that the cake was a pretty simple design, so I guess I should be grateful about that. I'm sure I'll be over it tomorrow, but I just need to vent. Has this happened to anyone else?

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deanwithana Posted 23 Mar 2008 , 3:50am
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It hasn't happened to me.....but it most certainly can happen to any of us!!!! Just take a deep breath and now he knows the rule that he is not to deal with any of the cakes and only you can do that.......take a deep breath , learn from it and move on from it!!!! If he does it again, now that he knows the rules.....THEN get really mad!!!! Don't let it ruin your's Easter!!!

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indydebi Posted 23 Mar 2008 , 4:00am
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Tell him how grateful he should be for being married to just a wonderful woman! Then tell him you know this one lady, named Debi, who isn't so nice, and if your hubby does anything like this again, you're going to turn into a Debi!!

Here's the story that some of you are familiar with:

Friends of ours are getting married. I'm doing the buffet, appetizers and choc fountains, and I've given them a big discount. Hubby asks if we can give them the chocolate fountain for free. I said I've already discounted them pretty good and I just can't cut it any more. He asks if he could pay for the chocolate fountain for them. Sure! I don't care where the money comes from.

So he tells the bride that the fountain is free. She emails me to find out if it's true ... is the fountain free? I replied, "Well, it's free to you, but Phil is paying for it."

Hubby asks how much the fountain is. I tell him $750. His mouth drops open in total shock. He said he thought it would be about fifty bucks. He says, "You're not really going to make me pay for it, are you?"

I said ......

(wait for it.......)

(Here it comes......)

"Get out your checkbook, baby cakes. I also take credit cards."

He pretty much stopped volunteering any freebies after that.

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mezzaluna Posted 23 Mar 2008 , 8:56am
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Here's one on DH..... DH has always been my greatest supporter, but he hasn't always got a clue. People he would work with asked about cake prices and he said he didn't really know, and they had to ask me, but cakes usually cost about X amount. Then when they would call and ask and I would say, that cake is XX amount they would gag.


A guy comes in and says he's a colleague of Peters, and needs a cheesecake. No problem, I say, and hand him the list of flavors. Guy then proceeds to say that Peter told him cheesecakes cost X amount (cheesecakes actually cost XXX amount. I just looked at him and was like.... oh let me just call Peter.

Called Peter and asked if he told guy that I'd make him a cheesecake for X amount. Sure did, says DH, I thought you could use the business. I said oh, okay, even though a cheesecake for X amount was at a loss..... I had a plan.

Took the guys order, he paid X amount. Went home that night and wrote up an invoice for the remainder and sent it to him, alla official like. He gets the invoice and starts in saying what's all this.

Then I explained to him that he really needs to keep him hands out of my pricing, and I appreciate when he sends people my way, but leave the pricing up to me. I told him how much money I lost on the cheesecake etc. He paid the invoice and never talked prices with anyone, except to say... You need to ask her how much the cakes cost.

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AKA_cupcakeshoppe Posted 23 Mar 2008 , 10:33am
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oh man... you guys are so funny but you speak the truth! WTG!

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kakeladi Posted 23 Mar 2008 , 11:27am
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I would be lividicon_smile.gif
Learn from the others who are posting.
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