Guys I've Been Bombarded With Awful Boring Cake Orders!!

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wgoat5 Posted 24 Sep 2007 , 3:33am
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I am SOOO tired of doing these little penny anny cakes it's making me tired just talking about them.

I just about gave up on trying to get my last order finished. I mean I waited till 9:00 the day before to even start to decorate it. I didn't even wanna post the horrible thing. I HATE ONLINE BOUGHT EDIBLE IMAGES!!!! The edible image didn't give me any trouble at all but it was so small and ugly icon_sad.gif !!! The lady that ordered the cake was so sweet (dd's school teacher) and it was for her little girl, but it was LILO AND STITCH!!! YUCK?!?! I wanted to do something girlie icon_biggrin.gif but couldn't icon_sad.gif . When I took the edible image out I was sooooo disappointed that I wanted to cry. I wanted to actually break it (she told me if it broke just to draw lilo and stitch) but I didn't. I wasn't fully satisfied with the cake at all. I almost just gave it to her! icon_sad.gif

now I have another cake that I already hate and I haven't gotten started on it yet!!!! icon_confused.gif What is up with me ??? Am I in a rut or what? I am all of a sudden mad at my pastries! LOL I wan't to yell at them and curse and smash them (pent up anger aa? LOL).
This one is to be a High School Musical cake YUCK!!! top it all off, I have to make 2 not 1 but 2 12 x 18 quilt block cakes icon_sad.gificon_sad.gificon_sad.gif . Doesn't sound appealing to me in the least!

WHERE are my orders for the 2 tiered sweet 16 millionaires daughters cake!?!?!?!? Or my orders for the fondant covered cake with the bows and frills and sparkle??? Nope...don't get um....bowling balls, footballs...LMAO and one other thing that included the B A L L word but can't say it in this forum! Got balls coming out my ears guys! LMAO sorry.


Sorry about the rant!


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MichelleM77 Posted 24 Sep 2007 , 4:13am
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I haven't started doing cakes yet, so at this point I would be happy to have boring orders (any orders are great!), but I know what you mean about not having any "exciting" cake designs to do. LOL! I'm sure it will pick up soon. Maybe the holidays will bring some interesting orders....hopefully!!!

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debster Posted 24 Sep 2007 , 4:28am
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I'm so bored with the cakes I've done lately I don't even bother to post them, I'm tired of the plain ole sheet cakes. Guess money is money though huh? I have a 3 tier baby shower coming up Oct 7th so that will be something different for a change. A few firsts for that one so we'll see. Keep baking though you do good work.

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dippidee Posted 24 Sep 2007 , 4:37am
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I totally understand. There are times when you just get tired of the same old thing. But come on... this is the coolest way to make money. When I start to get bored, I break out of the box. I throw a new flair into my decorating. Try a new technique whatever I need to make things fun again. Good luck, don't give up. This really is SWEET!

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1nanette Posted 24 Sep 2007 , 4:37am
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Just think of this spell as the calm before the storm. The day will come when you will find yourself trying to convince someone to order " a boring cake" or a ball or two. Be patient. Tell your creative you to have a glass of warm milk and take nap before she drives nuts. You can always wake her later.

I have a couple of boring cakes this week. So Im taking advantage of the time to get some of the ideas Ive been thinking about out of my head and onto paper.

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redred Posted 24 Sep 2007 , 11:30am
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I sympathise totally! The cakes I enjoy making the most are those for friends and family, who trust my taste and say "do whatever". Of course it helps to have something to go on, like a colour or a theme, but the thought of having to spend hours on an uninspiring cake is depressing. I think you need to be inspired and enthusiastic about a cake to give it 'magic'. Or at least, it helps anyway.

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indydebi Posted 24 Sep 2007 , 1:55pm
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I agree that someday you will be so busy, you will be thrilled for a "boring" cake.

No cake I do is boring .... it's always exciting to me when they show me the money!

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wgoat5 Posted 24 Sep 2007 , 3:59pm
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Yes the money is nice icon_smile.gif , I just would love to do a frilly LARGE sweet 16 birthday or just something ELSE besides balls LOL

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alisoncooks Posted 24 Sep 2007 , 4:13pm
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Well, I think your Lilo & Stitch cake turned out adorable (and I HATE most cartoon character cakes). Maybe your super-fun-to-make-sweet-sixteen-frilly-extravganza cake is just around the bend icon_smile.gif

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mamacc Posted 24 Sep 2007 , 4:15pm
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I know what you mean wgoat! It really is fun to do sweet 16's, and other girly type cakes! Hopefully you will get to do some soon. I have to do a scary sculpted rat coming up which I guess is kind of interesting...

If you are really jonesing to do a more fun cake you could always do a dummy cake! ...if you have time between all your ball orders. icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif


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dreamn900 Posted 24 Sep 2007 , 4:21pm
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I feel your "pain". Most of my orders are boring, which is why I don't even post pics icon_sad.gif

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meldancer Posted 24 Sep 2007 , 4:23pm
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Look at it this way, at least you are still getting orders! I haven't had a paid order since July. I'll take a boring cake anyday icon_smile.gif

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SCS Posted 24 Sep 2007 , 4:28pm
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Maybe do a couple of dummy cakes where you can let your creativity flow, just to help stop the boredom factor?

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aobodessa Posted 24 Sep 2007 , 4:33pm
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Well, I sympathize with you. I had an awesome wedding cake to do this past weekend, but I just couldn't get my mojo in gear to do the detail work ahead of time. Talk about Rutsville, USA!

I got to the venue, did all the decorating on it, and it was pretty successful, although I really could have (and should have) done a whole lot better job on the cake topper. then, when I am cutting the cake, a woman comes up to me and tells me how pretty the cake is and how she should have had ME do her daughter's wedding cake because although it tasted good, "this woman shouldn't be decorating cakes at all". I felt horrible because if I had really put my all into it, the cake would have been knock 'em dead gorgeous! Instead, it was just "okay". I haven't even posted it yet.

My problem was that I also had a 3-tier whimsy cake to do for a baby shower the same day. The woman who ordered it practically drove me nuts with calling me about colors, flavors, details, etc., etc., etc., despite spending over an hour with her to plan it originally. I was so stressed about that cake that my wedding cake suffered a little.

Fear not, dear, it WILL get better. I agree with mamacc ... if you want to do a fancy, frilly, sweet 16 cake, make a dummy and go "balls to the wall" as they say ... then maybe all your ball cakes will get out of the way and you can start doing the frillies! Be your own impetus for change! It will come to you.


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wgoat5 Posted 24 Sep 2007 , 4:34pm
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You know...I do so love to decorate the cakes. It's just those orders where you just KNOW that the cake isn't going to look good...and you just want to shake the person and say "HEY THAT WILL SUCK you ought to do it this way" LOL

When she brought me that edible image I looked at it in shock...I could not believe she paid almost 9 dollars for it :wow: , I know a edible image can be very nice and cute...but this one was all dark to begin with. The little blue guy, I think his name is stitch wasn't easy to see...he was WAY to dark. I really think what had happened was the truck it was on or something was way to hot and the colors changed on it.

She did love the cake but I sure didn't. It seemed like from the very beginning I didn't like it at all and it just went down hill from there icon_sad.gif .

Oh well it's like you guys said at least it was a order.


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Stefy Posted 24 Sep 2007 , 4:36pm
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Try to think of it from the other perspective. That cake that is so awful and boring to you might just be the most important part of the party to someone else - it could have a special meaning or elicit special feelings in the person receiving it. As long as it puts a smile on someone's face everything else is irrelevant.

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wgoat5 Posted 24 Sep 2007 , 4:45pm
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You all are so right...One of these days I will want to do something simple icon_smile.gif

And the little girl was the one recieving I shouldn't complain. She did like it, she screamed icon_biggrin.gif, made me feel better....but don't you all love when these "boring" cakes leave your sight? I was so happy to see it leave I did a happy dance LOL icon_smile.gif

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tyty Posted 24 Sep 2007 , 4:57pm
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I know what you mean, I have a lot of customers at work and at my DH job also. They all order boring sheet cakes and boring plain 9 inch round cakes. I just finished an order for an airplane cake for a grooms cake. I was excited because I don't get calls for anything interesting too often. When I get a potential customer that wants something different, they think it's going to be $30 because I do it at home. They are often shocked at what the cost is and say "I'll get back to you". My neice called and said she was having a housewarming party this weekend. I was thinking of buying the stand up house pan or just making my own version. The only thing I hate is that it will be a gift cake.

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kellylowe Posted 24 Sep 2007 , 5:15pm
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I always go a little beyond what my customers ask for. If they say they want something cheesey like a character cake I make a tiered cake with an edible image plaque. Then I can pretty it up. I always always always get orders from the parties, and there are parents with more imagination that appreciate it. The customer is usually blown away, and I don't worry about charging more than the original quote for the ugly cake. I make up for it with the additional orders received.

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step0nmi Posted 24 Sep 2007 , 5:31pm
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OMG! i sooo know what you mean wgoat! I was at this point this summer. I wasn't doing much...I had even quit my part time job because I didn't need it anymore. And everyone just wanted sheet cakes! YUCK! Then I actually got some inquires about wedding cakes and got ALL stressed out! I didn't want to make cakes anymore! I didn't even want to make my grandma's lighthouse cake that I was doing that same week! (in my photos) I just wanted to quit and stop doing them! Then, I DID the lighthouse cake and I was back in the game!

You really need to just switch things up for yourself. Make a cake for a nursing home or fire station and donate it to them with a few of your business cards. This is going to make you feel good to give something you've worked on to someone that is deserving of such a special cake! Then you may get those really special orders! OR do a dummy cake! Try a new technique!
I sooo feel for you! Just hang in there and try something else! You are soo talented and your talents are being stunted by these customers. Don't settle! You are great! icon_biggrin.gif

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