Help!!!....bride Changes Mind....

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cakegal Posted 28 Jul 2005 , 1:28pm
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OK...I'm doing a wedding cake 2wks from Sat. ( my hubby's cousin,).Anyways my bride dropped by last evening to drop off what I thought was going to be the silk roses she wanted on her cake.... AND to my surprise...she gives me 2 large containers of mini silk fall colored craft stems, and tells me this is what she wants on her cake...OMG...What do I do with these???
I'm doing a layout like my daughter's cake, but not with the 18" bottom tier....
Any suggestions on what to do with just leaves on the cake??? I'm doing this at cost because she's a relative, and I don't have a clue what to do..
I was going to do basketweave with the orange and yellow roses cascading down from the top tier...
HELP!!! PLEASE!!!! Any and all ideas would be "GREATLY" Appreciated!!
Looking at books, and cakes online... I'm just dumbfounded over this one..

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ntertayneme Posted 28 Jul 2005 , 1:41pm
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Maybe you could cascade the leaves falling down the cake instead of the flowers ... I've seen some really pretty fall cakes with leaves on them.. now granted, the leaves were made of fondant or gumpaste, but I don't see why you couldn't have the same effect with using silk instead. I just love fall colors!!

I know the feeling about things changing too!! The wedding cake I'm doing for August 13th has now completely changed .. the bride, who is in Germany and her mother, who was coordinating all the wedding for the bride, did a 3-way call to me on Saturday... all plans we had for her cake has now changed .. I should have charged more money!! and if they change anything else, I will ... I know how frustrating it is when brides change things on you when you've got the design they won't set in your mind of how you're to do it then they walk in and completely change it all at the last minute... I really feel the leaves would be pretty on the cake.. if nothing else, if they're on like a garland, maybe you could pull the leaves off of it and just use them scattered down the layers in a cascade effect? not sure of that since I can't see the leaves she brought to you to work with icon_sad.gif Best of luck with it and please post a pic!! I know whatever you do, it will look beautiful icon_smile.gif

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peacockplace Posted 28 Jul 2005 , 1:49pm
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Here are some more ideas...

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cakegal Posted 28 Jul 2005 , 2:54pm
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Here's a picture of the leaves she gave me... they don't have stems! What could I use.... fondant? My mind is drawing a blank..ugh...
I held one in my hand so you could get an idea of the size ...the other leaves are sitting on a 6" cake pan...
That cake is beautiful you posted... it's inspiring me alot...
Thanks guys are the "BEST"!!!

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jgclucas Posted 29 Jul 2005 , 2:04am
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Look at the fourth link I posted, no stems. I think you could use fondant though, or maybe even pipe some vines for the leaves to sit on.

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KATE39 Posted 29 Jul 2005 , 2:11am
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ntertayneme Posted 29 Jul 2005 , 2:14am
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I think you could use the leaves .. like jgclucas said, pipes some vines and place them around on them .. maybe use the color of green that's on the corner of one of the leaves you show in the picture .. even if you just laid the leave is small clusters on each level of the cake would be very pretty

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ilithiya Posted 29 Jul 2005 , 2:40am
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Hot glue some toothpicks to the backs of the leaves... you could stick them into the sides of the cake in a cascade, or horizontally out from the top edge of each layer.


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mvigil Posted 29 Jul 2005 , 3:27am
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I think that would work if you hot glue them to toothpicks and put green vines around them . I really liked the photos you shared jgucas. You could still do your basket weave like the bottom photo.
Let us know how it comes out Im sure it will be lovely!

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crp7 Posted 29 Jul 2005 , 4:15am
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Don't Panic! Everyone has been giving great ideas and it will all work out.
I really like the picture of the cake with the square bottom.

You mentioned planning to do the cake similar to your daughters cake. Could you cover the separator things with leaves all overlapping and then have a few coming down on the top of each layer? They would not have to cover the top of the cake layers just a few here and there.


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traci Posted 29 Jul 2005 , 5:51am
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All the pictures with the fall leaves look great!!! I think the silk leaves the bride gave you look very similar. I would do some cascading down the cake with an icing vine. You could place some around the cake on the table. You could also ask the bride if she would object to having a small arrangement of fall flowers on the top tier. Something simple to go with the leaves. I can't wait to see pics! icon_smile.gif

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auzzi Posted 29 Jul 2005 , 10:49am
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Your relative, the bride, is taking advantage of you.

If she had engaged the services of any other cake decorator, she would not have dared to "change her mind" at this late date. They would not have been accomodating and/or would have increased the cost price significantly.

Although you are doing this at cost, you are still a professional who is undertaking an agreed-upon product. Make a stand - you are not a push-over but a professional - how you stand in your business applies to relatives also.

Consider the posted images: I would wrap floral wire in brown florist tape to make stems. Super-glue them to the backs of the leaves. Make a leaf "spray" and arrange it down the side of the cake. A couple pf wires, bundled, would make "branches"

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msumissa Posted 29 Jul 2005 , 11:49am
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Okay, I don't have any suggestions other than the ones that are here I think are all beautiful, I just have a snarky comment... icon_evil.gif Does she realize that the middle of August is still SUMMER??? Okay, I know it is her wedding and I know it is her cake, but come on, who wants to think about fall in the middle of August! icon_eek.gif

Alright, snarky comments over! icon_razz.gif '
I am sure you will do a great job on the cake!

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crp7 Posted 29 Jul 2005 , 12:16pm
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OK, msumissa just said what everyone else was already thinking!

I am sure the cake will still look pretty.


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jdogga Posted 29 Jul 2005 , 12:20pm
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I'm not sure if someone has already suggested this...but you could put little pieces sugared fruit in and amongst the leaves! That would be very pretty!

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mvigil Posted 29 Jul 2005 , 12:38pm
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Okay I agree with what msumissa said about the summer -fall thing. I wanted to ask if the bride to be gave you plenty of leaves to try to what you want?
I hope she does not change her mind again. I know you will do great!

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cakegal Posted 29 Jul 2005 , 1:50pm
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I love all the ideas you all have thrown my way...

SHe wants the crystal separators to show because her topper is a crystal bride and groom...they kind of match...

I'm brainstorming today to see what I can come up with...

As far as me buying fruit or flowers to add here or there-----that wasn't our agreement....she was to purchase the decorations she wanted on it because I was doing the cake at cost...not counting the decorations because she wanted silk roses on the cake... I really don't want to have to go out and buy extra stuff...although I'm going to have to get some ribbon for the bottom square....

I'm going to tell her after the wedding....(because we're doing her photography too) would she like it if we changed our minds about doing the photos?????lol.... Oh, well.... she's a relative...what can i say...

Thanks for all your help ladies....

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gma1956 Posted 31 Jul 2005 , 5:01am
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I am looking for a cake with leaves too. My Mom's 70th birthday is in October and she just love leaves. I have same some of these photos to show my brother and sister. Thanks guys ... If anybody else has any more pictures I would love to see them.

I want to see yours too cakegal the ones you have posted are excellent, I know this one will be pretty too...

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dodibug Posted 31 Jul 2005 , 5:13pm
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Ooohh-I love sugared fruit BUT I can see why you would not want the hassle and expense!! But gma that would be beautiful on your mom's cake. Cakegal-I feel your frustration! It's hard to be creative when you are steaming icon_evil.gif but you do great work and the cake will be beautiful! And if the bride gives you a hard time you can just draw a little mustache on her wedding photo-JUST KIDDING!!! icon_twisted.gif Sorry-these situations tend to bring out the "best" in me! Maybe that's why my husband sleeps with one eye open icon_wink.gif !

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