*newbies* Comments On Cakes- Please Read Before You Post!!

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stephanie214 Posted 25 Jul 2007 , 8:15pm
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First off, let me start by welcoming you to the Cake Central Family...glad to have you icon_biggrin.gif

Unfortunately, as you will learn, some of your pictures will not receive the comments that you will expect...this is not intentionally done by the members. Alot of the members only view pictures for inspiration or will add them to their favorites album for later use without leaving a comment. If you need help or want opinions on a cake, just ask and I guarantee you that the members will be right there to help if they can..we are a very nice bunch of decorators icon_biggrin.gif

You, as "NEWBIES", will not know that this topic has been covered many times before. The following link(s) below will help you understand better about the commenting and how it affects some members. Just click on a topic and read away icon_lol.gif

Once again, welcome to CC...ENJOY thumbs_up.gif









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Sunflowerbagel Posted 25 Jul 2007 , 9:44pm
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Thanks for posting this. I've noticed a lot of newbie posts recently regarding this. Perhaps it's because there are the top pictures of the day? I'm sure it's hard when you see people getting hundreds of views and favorites when yours only gets a few views. Also the new format of when your picture actually posts can be strange. I've heard many people complain that theirs never even get on the front page. The number of members definitely plays into this.

Anywho - hopefully this post will help with some hurt feelings. I love this community and everyone is so great. If you ever need specific feedback on anything, just post it in a forum and you'll get it. Thanks again!

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gscout73 Posted 2 Aug 2007 , 2:27am
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Hello. I am a "newbie" and must say that I feel very comfortable here. I've been reading the forms and find the regulars are so helpful and supportive. It's exciting to see how many people view icon_eek.gif pics and to see what pics are saved for their favorites. I think that is a great feature. thumbs_up.gif

Thank you for making me feel welcome. This is a great site and so much more informative than another site.... tapedshut.gif Thanks again...


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stephanie214 Posted 2 Aug 2007 , 4:27pm
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Hi Sunflowerbagel and gscout73,

We are so glad to hear that you both feel so welcomed and at home with us...that is our aim icon_biggrin.gif

Remember, if you need any help, just ask...we are here for ya thumbs_up.gif

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Luxe42 Posted 2 Aug 2007 , 4:39pm
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It's nice to see you post something like this. A lot of people take the time to write how annoyed they are about repetitive threads - but don't take the same amount of time to "help out" like you just did.

Kudos! thumbs_up.gif

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redpanda Posted 2 Aug 2007 , 4:47pm
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One other thing that should probably be mentioned--sometimes when I update my profile on CC, somehow it turns off the option to allow comments.

So...if you post a picture and get NO comments in a day or so, it would be a good idea to check whether there is even an option to add comments on the picture page. If not, you can go into your profile ("My Forum Info" in the menu on the left side of the page) and make sure "Allow other members to post comments on my photos:" is checked.

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felecia Posted 2 Aug 2007 , 4:51pm
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I'm a newbie too...love this site. All the threads are very helpful. I have post many pictures and some get move views then others. I love looking at all the wonderful cakes on here. These members have soooo much talent.

I love being a member here!!!

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semperfiwife Posted 6 Aug 2007 , 1:56am
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Hello Everyone! I'm a Newbie! And I just wanted to say that I love this website! And I love looking at pictures of the cakes you guys have created and I cant wait til I finish school and open up my own bakery and start making wedding cakes and things!! icon_smile.gif I hope that I can create beautiful cakes like you guys do. Thanks for the motoviation that you guys have given me! - K icon_smile.gif

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snowshoe1 Posted 8 Aug 2007 , 7:05pm
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Wow! I wish I would have read this post sometime ago! I didn't realize I was hurting people's feelings by not commenting - I'll be sure to be more aware of this in the future. Guess I never thought of it because I was always taught "never take anything personal except compliments!"

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stickytoffeepudding Posted 11 Aug 2007 , 10:38pm
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Hi I am from the Lake district in the UK, i am a memeber of the British Sugarcraft Guild, A member had posted a thread about your site on our forum, so i thought i would pop by to have a look, its much bigger than ours. If i get lost please help me icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif

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LadyMike Posted 14 Aug 2007 , 7:38am
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Welcome aboard stickytoffeepudding! icon_biggrin.gif Everyone here is very friendly. Believe me, if you need help, there will be someone to help you out. icon_wink.gif Again, welcome aboard, and have lots of fun!!! thumbs_up.gif

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Irish0831 Posted 21 Aug 2007 , 2:23pm
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Just read a few comments here and I am ashamed to say that I am one who many times have perused pics for ideas and failed to post a comment. I do apologize and in the future will try to do better. I am absolutely blown away by the talented people here. I am fairly new at posting and although I have been doing cakes for a long time, I can not hold a candle to most of these cakes. I am collecting ideas and compiling a book to try to build a side-line business of sorts. My question now is, does anyone have objections to my using pics here as inspiration? I would never post pics anywhere and claim to have made them if I did not. I would , however, like to show people what I am capable of doing and would like to duplicate someone else's cakes if people want them . Does anyone object to me doing this?

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stephanie214 Posted 22 Aug 2007 , 2:06am
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The decorators here at CC love for people to use their cakes as inspiration icon_biggrin.gif When a person use someone's cake as an inspiration, that person should give some form of credit...such as, "inspiration taken from so and so(give the name)" or, "I would like to thank so and so for their inspiration".

Our decorators only get upset when someone claim their cake as theirs or someone use their cake for inspiration and then not give them credit...these are big no-nos icon_sad.gif .


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Peeg Posted 3 Oct 2007 , 12:23am
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Hello, Yes I am also fairly new to CC. I Love the sharing of ideas and photos from other members. The amazing talents!!!! I also have posted photos and thuroughly enjoyed the comments made and the inspirations. But all of my comments vanished. Now I am completely miserable.. icon_cry.gif I look so forward to the comments and now ZILCH icon_cry.gificon_cry.gif

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Peeg Posted 3 Oct 2007 , 11:23am
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Problem solved, Thanks alot everyone icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif Peggy

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Cariekins Posted 29 Oct 2007 , 9:56pm
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HI new here, just wanted to let you know i have read all this, and I am looking forward to chatting and posting some of my cakes. I have been decorating for 20+ years now, learned on the job, never taken a class. I do wedding cakes and birthday cakes at work. Love to work with the customers and dream up something great for the cake!!


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JoAnnB Posted 29 Oct 2007 , 10:00pm
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Welcome to Cake Central.

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xstitcher Posted 3 Apr 2008 , 8:42am
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I just wanted to say hi to everyone on CC!

A liitle bit about me....
I just started decorating a month ago (3 cakes so far from my first Wilton course) and am currently enrolled in my 2nd course.

I found this website a 2 weeks ago and I'm already addicted!

I've looked at the links provided on this post so hopefully I'm armed and ready to go and can add my 2 cents to some of the posts!

I am wowed everyday at all the talent folks on this website, your decorating skills are amazing! I can only hope that one day I will be half as great as you all!

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mommycakediva Posted 3 Apr 2008 , 11:41pm
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Yes I to am guilty of not leaving comments! I have only one excuse and it is dumb but I have dial up and it takes for ever for pages to load so if I leave comments I don't get to see as many pics! So many ppl. on this site are very talanted and are such and inspiration to me, so I will try to leave more comments!

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waywordz Posted 20 Apr 2008 , 5:41am
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Im a newbie too. Never joined a site before and I am a little afraid Im going to say or do the wrong thing. I try to find and remember all the rules so I won't mess up because I love this site and would really hate it if I wouldn't be allowed in here. I love making baking and decorating cakes, sugar molding, fondant, all of it. I started in 2004 with my first class. And took all I could find. Some twice. For practice. I am diabetic so, I use my family and friends as testers. I couldn't stop if I tried.I love talking about anything to do with the craft of cake & sugar. This site is wonderful. I have found everyone is so friendly and helpful. Thank all of you guys for making me feel so welcomed.

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stephanie214 Posted 21 Apr 2008 , 12:41am
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Boy icon_surprised.gif , I am way behind on welcoming the "Newbies"...sorry icon_cry.gif



Just relax...you are doing fine icon_cool.gif Everything will come easy to you with time icon_biggrin.gif

Please let me know if I can be of any help to you thumbs_up.gif

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mjballinger Posted 25 Apr 2008 , 5:09am
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I wish I had read this a few hours ago - lol. I posted two pics this evening, one of a not so good looking cake that tasted good and one of a cake that I thought was really nice looking, but I've had a couple dozen views of the not so good looking ones, and only 3 of the one I thought was good! Maybe the nice one wasn't up on the new cake thing for very long. I was really stressing out, but now I feel better after reading this.

BTW, I'm kind of new and already completely addicted. You are all so nice and helpful, and your cakes are inspiring!

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yelle66 Posted 26 May 2008 , 7:08pm
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Thanks for posting this. It is hard that first time you don't get the replies you think your cake deserves icon_wink.gif It is tough for all of the cakes to be seen and half of mine get 1 or 2 views before they get booted off the front page by another cake. Plus, I agree. The ones I save to my favorites are ones that I think I will use, not necessarily only the "good" ones.

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kaytec Posted 3 Jun 2008 , 3:25am
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I have been looking at this wonderful site for a few weeks. I have tried to read and understand all the rules but of course I made a mistake already. I commented on a beautiful cake tonight and I was ahead of the computer so the incomplete comment posted twice. Sorry icon_cry.gif
Is there a way to edit this in the future.
Thank you

waywordz Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
waywordz Posted 3 Jun 2008 , 6:13am
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It doesn't bother me if people look but, they don't leave a comment. It says a lot if they looked. I think that's nice in itself. If you can get inspiration from a cake I made? Great! Glad I could help. I thought that was what this site was for. Publishing them or a copy of them I think anyone would find rude or offensive. I get ideas from other cakes I've seen. I'm making them for family and friends. No charge. I've got subcriptions to 2 cake mags. I would have more but, find it's too hard to part with them. (Any ideas or uses for the older ones? Ways to utilize?) If you copy it to use as a guide to make your own and use your own cake picture that I couldn't see as a problem, because we all have our own style. We do things a little different here, a little different there. This is a place that we feel safe. I haven't figured out the watermark thing yet, but, was told to do it. I don't think my ego can tell me my cakes are worth copying, yet. I write. I also write poetry. I wrote music to one special poem. Someone else put their name on it and is calling it theirs. We both know better. Now I'm copyrighting all my stuff. It matters. I love this site. The friendly people. At least you are asking.
Kaytec don't feel bad. My button stuck and I can't even tell you how many times my repeated comment got posted. I posted an apology next. I've also told someone I thought you were supposed to post when looking at the pictures. Because I had understood it that way. I'm learning and so far, they haven't kicked me out. And since I've spent most of my life; "just exchanging the feet in my mouth" I'd say that's pretty good. Thanks for putting up with me and my ramblings.

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Ange-C Posted 3 Jun 2008 , 6:20pm
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Just joined the forum so just trying to find my way around. I am based in Staffordshire in the UK. I am a member of a couple of other forums in the UK but this is much bigger. May be here for a while reading the posts icon_biggrin.gif Look forward to chatting with you all


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missyssweets Posted 4 Jun 2008 , 2:06pm
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Thanx for the welcome! I love this place! Logged on all day! U guys r fabulous! icon_biggrin.gif

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Tashablueyes Posted 13 Jul 2008 , 5:20am
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I stumbled across this site about 3 hours ago on accident, and now I'm completely hooked! I am really impressed with all of the information, tips and advice you all share so openly with each other. I look forward to becoming a part of the group!

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maude Posted 22 Jul 2008 , 10:13pm
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I can't get my pictures to load. I keep getting a message that says error no picture loaded. I did get 3 of them to load but no more. Where do I go for help?

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caramelchef Posted 22 Jul 2008 , 10:55pm
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today someone posted a comment on my first ever fondant cake and it felt great! i try to leave as many comments myself i think it helps to bring more inspiration to a person

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