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nanni Posted 27 Jun 2005 , 8:06pm
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I just got a call from a caterer who does corporate lunches, birthdays, etc. I was referred by a frequent customer, which I appreciate greatly. However, now I am a bundle of nerves....the caterer wants me to present to her a 1/4 sheet cake-nothing specific-to show my "talent" and for a taste test-this will lead (if they like it)to my doing their cakes for the occasions....of course I said yes, I would be interested, got the information, had a very pleasant conversation with her and hung up. Went and sat down and asked myself if I was out of my mind (that in itself is a loaded question sometimes!!) I am totally lost now as to what idea to use, etc. She asked if I had a specialty cake (my lemon has rave reviews) to let her know she she can "push" it -but I have NO idea what to put on the cake!! She wants to make sure my 1/4 cake is what they consider 1/4 cake etc....I am in dire need of some ideas--and maybe a stiff drink before this is all overwith....why is it ya have ideas when someone else needs them but when it's for you...your mind becomes cotton??

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cakeconfections Posted 27 Jun 2005 , 8:24pm
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When does she want it by? If it is near the 4th do a patriotic theme. Or just do a generic birthday cake like they do in offices. It is july so you could still do a patricitic style cake and they write a happy birthday message for july people.

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nanni Posted 27 Jun 2005 , 8:40pm
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It's for July 18th-I thought about the Patriotic theme-have to do 3 this weekend so thought about picking out which one I liked best and go from there-ya know how ya just panic after "reality" sets in..thats what happened. I do the cakes for my daughters office on a monthly basis for their birthdays but this to me is a much larger scale...thanks for your input-I guess I'm along the same page....

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bigcatz Posted 27 Jun 2005 , 8:44pm
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You could also combine different designs and techniques to show your talent (fondant, bct, piping, different borders, roses etc). Since it's a 1/4 sheet you would have a little room to do something like that... Just a thought, hope it helps.

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nanni Posted 27 Jun 2005 , 8:55pm
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This is why I come here-so many brains working for me-I truly appreciate it-that is a great idea....

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traci Posted 27 Jun 2005 , 9:21pm
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I think a "July" birthday cake would be a great idea. You could make it colorful with some nice borders. You could also make up a packet or small photo album with some pictures of different cakes. You could even type up a list of different flavors and fillings that you offer. I used to do catering for a lady and I remember taking some pans with me to show her the different sizes. I know you will do great! Good luck and congrats on this opportunity! thumbs_up.gif

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aunt-judy Posted 27 Jun 2005 , 9:34pm
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Two suggestions:

1) decorate it like a dessert cake, with fresh lemons (dipped in apricot glaze) or candied peel, in a repeating pattern with piped rosettes. A large dessert cake for a corporate function should be simple and easy-to-serve, with the decoration reflecting the flavour or content of the cake (since your cakes will be included in the menu at catered events, its important that it be visually clear to the consumer at this event what theyre going to be eating at many buffet-style set-ups there is no menu posted or even a sign by the dishes) Again, consider the ease of servability, as you cant be sure whether your cakes will be sliced and plated in a kitchen and delivered by wait-staff in a table-service situation, or whether people will be slicing and serving themselves in a buffet set-up. Of course, if your job is going to be to provide generic birthday-type cakes, then lots of nice piping and flowers and leaves and vines in soft colours would be grand (I always like to do my borders in the same colour as the cake is iced with, which makes the whole think look bigger and more sculptural and classy).

2) if you would like to show off your other decorating skills, why not feature the caterers name and/or logo, or perhaps your own if you have one (Nannis Fabulous Custom Cakes?), or both, on the test cake?

Finally, dont be afraid to call the caterer again and ask what kind of cakes they generally feature and the style of events they more commonly cater for, as this will give you some idea of what kind of product theyre looking for, and you can have a better idea of what style of cake you should prepare for your proto-typetester. And definitely always bring your portfolio wherever you go to do business; in this line of work, it's your only proof of the kind of work you've done. thumbs_up.gif

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cakegal Posted 27 Jun 2005 , 10:13pm
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I agree with aunt judy..... call, and ask questions... it can't hurt you.... and who knows.... you just might end up being one of their main cake decorators...
Happy baking,

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KayDay Posted 27 Jun 2005 , 10:24pm
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It might sound dumb...but my favorite of your cakes is the castle... maybe do a mini one or something a long those lines? I like all of them....don't get me wrong,but my thing is stick with what you KNOW you are good at if you KNOW you got to impress someone....that way you arent facing the unknown at a time you are really tring to make your best impression..just my humble opinion. icon_smile.gif

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nanni Posted 27 Jun 2005 , 11:15pm
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I understand what you mean, and thanks for the compliments. I just know she asked for a 1/4 sheet cake....

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KayDay Posted 28 Jun 2005 , 12:01am
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oops..I see that icon_redface.gif

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nanni Posted 28 Jun 2005 , 12:38am
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no biggie---

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debsuewoo Posted 28 Jun 2005 , 12:57am
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I, too, have to agree with Aunt Judy. Call the caterer and ask her what types of functions she mainly works. If it's weddings, then make it reflective of weddings, if it's corporate do a BCT of a logo of some type, etc..... The caterer was too vague about what kind of cake she wants, so ask some questions and go from there.


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sheilaattaway Posted 7 Jul 2005 , 4:58am
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what if you did something like this. I realy dont know what she would want. But a cake kinda like this to me is simple but can realy show off your creative, artist side. The color and graphic design looks perfesional. Just advise from someone who knows

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butrcup Posted 7 Jul 2005 , 5:05am
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nanni Posted 7 Jul 2005 , 11:26am
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That is truly a beautiful cake-I will take than under advisement to say the least!!! I also thought about using their logo---still mulling things over. Thanks!!!!

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