Life Throws A Big Scary Curveball-I Really Need Some Support

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heavensgaits Posted 20 May 2007 , 7:01am
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Hi everyone! I mentioned my issue in a few other posts and another CC member suggested I start a thread regarding my situation. Yesterday morning, I woke up and my right hand wouldn't work and it was tingling. I thought maybe I slept on it wrong since I had fallen asleep in my computer chair. I layed down in bed for several hours but it didn't change. My right hand is normally my dominant hand, now it will only point downward and can hardly grasp anything. If I do manage to grasp something small, my hand won't let it go.

I didn't want to go to the ER, but my little Sheltie named Faith was acting strangely towards me. She wouln't leave me alone and did two things she's never done before. She followed me to the bathroom, where normally she would walk in, sniff the floor and walk right back out. This time she walked in, didn't sniff the floor, and just layed her little chin on my thigh and looked up at me with the most concerned look I've ever seen on her. After this, I went and sat on the couch, and she got up there with me and wouldnot leave my right handalone. She kept licking it andlooking at me in between licks.

I spent most of the night in the ER last night. They did a CT scan of my head and neck, but while they did discover something in my neck, the results were considered inconclusive because they couldn't be 100% sure of what they saw. They told me that the thing they saw in my neck could possibly be an old infarct, when I asked what that meant, the doc told me that it's possible that I had a mild stroke. They gave me aspirin to take daily, a wrist brace so that my hand doesn't contract permanently, and told me to report to the neurology clinic first thing Monday morning when they open. The doc tole me to expect to be there most of the day as there were many more tests, along with a STAT MRI, to be run. I'm a disabled vet, so I'm seen at the VA medical center.

Geesh, I'm only 33, have major back problems, have had 3 major spinal surgeries, can no longer work because of the back disability, and now this. And to top it all off, I'm single and live alone with my critters. Sorry, I don't mean to sound as though I'm having apity party; this has just been a major blow. I've been making a lot of fondant pearls for people lately, and now I have to relearn how to do everthing. Two good things that I thank God everyday for are my close friends here in Leesville and my CC family. Because of the support and prayer that I know is available here, not once did the thought of having to quit decorating cross my mind. In fact while I was at the ER I was thinking about posting and asking anyone with hand/wrist problems, including those with arthritis for advice on how they continue to decorate.

LOL,as I type this, I'm getting aggrivated at the spelling mistakes,but at the same time I'm giggling. A few days ago, I could type 60 words per minute with very few mistakes. Now, I'm typing with my left hand,and the one finger on my right hand that i can get to point straight down at the keyboard. This message has taken me almost 25 minutes to type. I'm stubborn and refuse to let this problem take me down, but at the same time, I need as much support as I can get. I wish you could understand how hard it is for me to ask that. I've asked for prayer on CC a few times, and each time got an awesome response, but those were hard messages to write also. I'm used to taking care of people, not having to be taken care of myself. I guess the soldier in me will never leave.

Ok, I'm going to close for now because I'm starting to make myself tear up and my right wrist is getting tired from hovering above the keyboard for so long. Thank you all for being such a wonderful and safe place to come,whether it be for something dealing with decorating, or a personal need for prayer and support. I'm sorry this is so long; My best friend is out of town and I really needed to vent a little.
In Christ's Love,

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LaSombra Posted 20 May 2007 , 8:22am
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wow, I'm sorry that this is happening to you. I just couldn't imagine decorating with little use of one hand. You are great to be keeping on.

I do worry about possibly getting the family tremor. I have alot of great aunts/uncles who have this shake and my aunt said she was just diagnosed with the tremor. It beats Parkinsons but would be so hard to decorate.

It sounds like you have a wonderful dog. It amazes me how perceptive animals can be!

*hugs to you*

I hope you get through this strong and can keep on decorating!

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mjjandz Posted 20 May 2007 , 10:52am
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make sure you go the dr's first thing monday morning.

GOOD luck to you and hope all turns out ok for you

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Hippiemama Posted 20 May 2007 , 10:53am
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Hugs to you.

I hope things go well for you Monday at the doctor.

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Kiddiekakes Posted 20 May 2007 , 1:33pm
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I have hand a wrist problems but my Dr told me it was Tendinitis from over use and abuse.It is tingly all the time and would throb like you wouldn't believe.She told me to ice it and take anti -inflammatories.It has since gotten better but every time I try to pipe my hand falls asleep.Much rest and meds.I really hope you didn't have a stroke.Much luck!!

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born2bake4u Posted 20 May 2007 , 2:09pm
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my sil, had to have surgery to fix ruptured disks in her neck and that is what was happening to her. so hopefully this is your case. also could be carpal tunnel. not sure how good your er is but i would definately look at all your options. we have an er that is not that great. and has been know to misdiagnose. good luck and prayers coming your way.

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cakes21 Posted 20 May 2007 , 7:48pm
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I will be thinking of you, please go get it checked.

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Katie-Bug Posted 20 May 2007 , 8:09pm
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Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you, best of luck at the Dr's

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heavensgaits Posted 20 May 2007 , 9:46pm
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Thnak You everyone for your responses. The VA medical center that I'm seen at is actually pretty good,at least they've always treated me very well. I'm considered a complicated case because of my spinal issues and chronic back pain, so I usually get priority when something is wrong. I have no doubt that God will lead them to the correct diagnosis, and that whatever may be wrong, some good will come out of it. There's been no change in my wrist/hand today, but I've noticed that I can do quite a bit more as far as daily activities if I keep the wrist brace on. It keeps my wrist straight and gives it enough support that I can actually use a few of my fingers. I actually made a few fondant pearls! It takes a bit longer, but I think if I keep at it, I'll figure out different movements to speed the process up. I'll keep you all updated. Tomorrow is going to be a long day; just like when I was in the army....hurry up and wait. That's ok though. The neurologist that I'm going to see is very good. I saw her for my compensation and pension physical when they were working on my disability rating. She'll be running the show to investigate and figure out what's happened to me. Please keep her in your prayers that God will lead her to the right tests and the right diagosis; her name is Dr. Shaw. Ok, i'm going to call my parents; yesterday they were delivering a wedding cake 4 hours away from where they live (3 tiered buttercream) and I didn't want to stress them out and cause them to lose focus on the cake. I just want you all to know how much I love each and every one of you. I may not know you, but I have no doubt that God sent me to cake central for a reason and that he's put each of you in my path for a reason. Also, if Keith and Jackie happen to read this thread: Thank you for everything you do! You are both Angels! You started a wonderful site for people to share about decorating, but it's also become a place that has touched many lives in other wonderful ways. It kept me busy and happy during a dark period in my life(when I had to stop working) that could have led to a very deep depression. May God Bless you both and bring you peace every day. Sorry, I've written another novel. I will post an update as soon as I get home from the VA tomorrow. I'm going to take a book ,colored pencils, and my sketch pad to keep me busy. Maybe inspiration will strike.

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mkolmar Posted 21 May 2007 , 12:41am
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Hope you get better soon!!!

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ShirleyW Posted 21 May 2007 , 1:56am
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I am glad you were seen and treated right away, I do wish they had kept you there until your tests though. This is scary, especially at such a young age. Keep us updated please and we will be thinking nothng but positive thoughts for you.

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Zamode Posted 21 May 2007 , 3:02am
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Prayers sent ~

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shifty Posted 21 May 2007 , 3:16am
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cakesbyjess Posted 21 May 2007 , 3:17am
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((((((BIG HUGS)))))) to you!!!!! I'm thinking about you and you will be in my thoughts all day tomorrow. I hope that all goes well at the Neurology Clinic. It will be a long day for you, but hopefully you will be able to get the answers you need. Good wishes from me to you!!!! icon_biggrin.gif

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lynda-bob Posted 21 May 2007 , 5:20am
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My thoughts and prayers have gone out to you and they will continue to be with you... You've touched my heart and I know things will work out for you w/ God's help. I've been feeling down lately, and reading your post has given me some perspective. You are so strong and sound like a take-charge lady; I admire you, greatly. Please be sure to post when you have the time and feel up to it. I would like to know how you are doing and how the doctor visit went. I'll be praying for you thumbs_up.gif

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paolacaracas Posted 21 May 2007 , 10:04am
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Hi Kimberly, Today is monday...don't forget yor appointment, may everything go good for you and whatever the problem is, it has a solution. Don't worry, everything is going to be ok, keep your spirits high, is the best medicine, keep us posted...

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heavensgaits Posted 21 May 2007 , 10:34am
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LOL, I promise not to forget my appt. I haven't been able to sleep all night because of it. It sounds kind if ridiculous, but I've become paranoid about going to sleep; Probably because this happened to me while I was sleeping. Kind of stinks because sleep used to be one of my favorite things to do. I'll let you all know the results as soon as I get home today.

ShirleyW, I'm with you; I'm not sure why they didn't goahead and keep me. Doctor's and hospitals are weird sometimes. I would have thought my age alone would have caused them to admit me for observation. My friends have been calling and checking on me all weekend; LOL, and my poor little sheltie has fretted over me all weekend too. Bless her heart, everywhere I go or sit, she has to be touching me. I hope if they decide to do something crazy like admit me today, that they'll let me come home and make arrangments for my 5 critters. I really need to give my best friend a copy of a key to my house.

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Dordee Posted 21 May 2007 , 1:54pm
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I hope everything goes well for you today. I just said a prayer for your speedy recovery. May God Bless You.

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heidisuesmom Posted 21 May 2007 , 7:30pm
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You are in my thoughts today. I had a friend who woke up one morning with the whole left side of her face, and her upper leftside of her body parilyzed. It ended up being Bells Palsy. I'm sure I spelled that wrong, but anyway, it is temporary and after a few months she was back to herself. Hopefully yours is something temporary also. Good luck and God be with you through this. Keep us posted if you are able. By the way, my name is Kimberly also!!

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m0use Posted 21 May 2007 , 8:16pm
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They say certain animals can sense when you are having a stroke. I think anyone who has a pet knows that their pets know when something is wrong.
One time my mom was depressed and was crying and crying, and my mom's kitty (rest in peace) came up to her and put her paw on my mom's arm and started to lick away her tears so that she would feel better.

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tcturtleshell Posted 22 May 2007 , 2:16am
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My heart goes out to you! I just read this & you mentioned Leesville... so I looked over to see your location & said it can't be.. I didn't realize your in LA! I'm from Marthaville, it's about 16 miles from Many, you have heard of it right? I've lived in Bosssier since 1996. Which VA do you go to? Alexandria or Shreveport? It's a small world. We use to have a sheltie, he died in Feb. We miss him so much! They are the most sensitive dogs I've ever seen. Your sheltie is taking care of you. thumbs_up.gif I hope all these tests go well for you & you will be feeling better soon!! My prayers are with you!! Hang in there!!
A fellow Louisianean (if that's a word LOL icon_wink.gif ), ~TC~

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heavensgaits Posted 22 May 2007 , 2:50am
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Gotta love frustration. I tried to post earlier but my post was eaten by cyperspace. The neurologist is out until Wed. I had the MRI done but the results probably won't be back until tomorrow. I went over to my primary care doc's office and explained what the situation was. They're going to fit me in tomorrow at 11:30, hopefully the MRI results will be in the computer by then. I'm exhausted. I'll post whatever I find out tomorrow.

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Doug Posted 22 May 2007 , 2:59am
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lots of prayers flowing your way

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cakemommy Posted 22 May 2007 , 3:00am
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Oh Kimberly. I am sorry you are having to go through this. That is the one thing I don't care for when it comes to doctor's appointments, hurry up and wait.

I'll be praying for you.


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indigojods Posted 22 May 2007 , 3:02am
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Kimberly - I hope you are able to get some sleep. We are all thinking about you and wishing you the best.

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willman Posted 22 May 2007 , 3:11am
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Kimberly, you are right GOD will direct everything for you but it sounds to me like you have an extreme case of carpal tunnel syndrome I have had several friends and myself with this problem it is a serious pain in the butt my friends had to have surgery for theirs and SIX WEEKS of recovery before using their hands (one friend had both hands done at the same time) I hope yours is this simple and not a stroke...sending prayers....

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paolacaracas Posted 22 May 2007 , 5:38am
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Hi kim, just to say hello, I hope you feel better, keep us posted

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lovincake Posted 22 May 2007 , 6:33am
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You keep the faith Girl! God is still in the healing business and He has nothing but love for you, We will all be praying. You are awfully young to be dealing with stroke so I am praying it is just a bad case of carpel tunnel and a little TLC will get you up and going again. You sound like a tough cookie, so just hang in there and keep us posted please. Lots of Love and Prayers are coming your way...Linda

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heavensgaits Posted 24 May 2007 , 4:32am
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Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday when I got home from the hospital. I was absolutely beat! I've been napping on and off today. Hopefully Ill get caught up on sleep soon. I've had almost every test and scan known to man run at the hospital. Now we're just waiting for the results to come in. Once they're in they'll go ahead and have me go see the neurologist. My doc, and the rehab medicine nurse practitioner really think this is a temporary problem and that maybe a nerve got compressed while I was sleeping, but they're still going to treat it as though it was a stroke until we get the test results. So, we'll see. They've done MRI's of both my brain and neck. Those are the test results that are taking the longest, but should be in tomorrow. I'll call in the morning to see if they've come in yet. Still no change in my right hand. I just keep the brace on and do the best I can do with it. LOL, I can actually make fondant pearls quicker now using just the one finger on my right hand to roll them up. When I had use of my hand I would use a few fingers, but now I realize that I was causing them to become mis-shapened. Now I know that using one finger is the key. Thank goodness I'd made a fresh batch of fondant the night before this happened. I'm not sure I could do the initial mixing of marshmallows and powdered sugar with my hand the way it is. I have a friend who needs to make a little extra money coming this weekend to clean my house from top to bottom. That will really help me out. I may have her make me an extra batch of MMF while she's here. She's been wanting to learn more about the decorating stuff, so this will be a good lesson for her. I'll post again as soon as I find something out. Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes.

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itsmylife Posted 25 May 2007 , 2:38pm
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((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))) and prayers to you. Get well soon!!!!!

((((hugs)))) for your little critters too!


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