Very Discouraged...adivce From All You Legal Home Bakers!!!

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sugartopped Posted 23 May 2006 , 3:05pm
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Haven't been around much lately, been trying like the dickens to focus all my free time on getting my kitchen built. But I keep getting nothing but negative comments from those I'm seeking help from......I'm getting discouarged.

Of course, my husband and I didn't forsee ALL the costs associated w/building the kitchen and are trying to get additional funding. I have been to several agencies (SCORE and some local agencies that help small businesses) seeking help in writting my business plan so we can apply for additional funding. And I'm getting nowhere w/them! All they want to tell me is how 'they' wouldn't spend ALL this money to just bake cakes. And most business fail w/in the first year and most banks are going to want a great business plan showing the business will work!! And I'm going to need to show I have some business experience, etc. etc. aarrgghh!

I thought that is what they were suppose to help me do. HELP me figure this out. Everytime I go back to them and think I have suffiently answered their questions...they just give me more negative comments. I still haven't gotten anywhere. We just keep going in circles.

At first I was like, well they just want to make sure I have thought this through and are trying to make me aware of all the things that can go wrong and know how to deal w/them. But gee some point you're suppose to move forward, right?? I think their help and guidance is important and have been trying to work w/them....but I'm at the point now where I dread talking to them now! I can't seem to get them to understand that I didn't just wake up one day and say....' hey, I think I'll start a cake decorating business today' and then just went full speed ahead (I actually got that comment!!)

My husband and I actually did think about it, figured out if it was actually possibly (permitting/zoning, etc). And most of them seem appalled that we already have most of the $$ we need. But I've tried to explain...we already had the line of credit....we didn't take it out just for the purpose of building a kitchen!!! We've already spent a good 9 months planning for this and STILL haven't done ANYTHING except get our plans drawn up!!! and I thought we were fairly well prepared, BUT just didn't forsee some the expenses.

I'm just not sure how to take their 'advice'.......I don't feel they are helping me anymore...but I have no reason why they wouldn't....what benefit are they getting out of running me through the mill?

Has anyone else had these problems when trying to seek help in getting a kitchen licensed?? How did you deal w/it?? Or did you get support??

Am I totaly crazy for thinking this will actually work??

sorry for the rant....but not sure who else would understand my pain!!

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