Wedding Cake Jewelry

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SweetArt Posted 27 Apr 2006 , 3:47pm
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Does any one know how to make these? I would like to make a few of my own for my display cakes, but I don't know the first thing about wire jewelry making. I'm only looking to make the simple ones, like the ones in the addresses below, but I don't know what kind or size wires or beads would be best, or what tools to use. If any one wouldn't mind giving me a quick how-to or point me in the direction of a book that makes things like these, I would really appreciate it.

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prettycake Posted 27 Apr 2006 , 3:51pm
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Go to Michael's, you will need some thin wire and beads. From there you can get creative. icon_smile.gif

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fearlessbaker Posted 27 Apr 2006 , 3:53pm
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These are great. Why not just go to Michaels with a picture and find out what you need there. Go on line to DIY they may have directions. Just do a search for wire jewelry. The do have a jewelry Show. I can't recall the name right now. You can find directions and instructions for almost anything on line. Just do a search for wire jewelry instruction.

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bonniebakes Posted 27 Apr 2006 , 4:05pm
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intersting. I've never seen anything like that before....

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Katskakes Posted 27 Apr 2006 , 6:03pm
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Or you can order the hearts online and pick up the wire.
here's a link to the hearts:

swarovski is being used a lot now to decorate cake toppers for weddings.
something like the picture i'm posting

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KHalstead Posted 27 Apr 2006 , 7:49pm
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yeah, the craft stores actually sell the swarovski crystal beads too!!! Then get some're definitely gonna need some needle nose pliars too.......they help a ton!!! Oh, you might wanna buy the plyers at a tool store......they can get pricey in the craft store. The dollar store usually has em for a buck too.

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prettycake Posted 27 Apr 2006 , 7:54pm
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They look very elegant and rich on a cake.. icon_smile.gif

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Samsgranny Posted 27 Apr 2006 , 8:07pm
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Was that initial done with the crystals and wire? It looks like a pendant.

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SweetArt Posted 27 Apr 2006 , 8:23pm
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No it is a piece of metal cut to the shape of the letter and the crystals are then glued on.

Thanks everyone, but my problem is I have looked all over the internet and at the craft stores. It can get a little expensive to buy things and just fiddle with it. I was hopping to find out the how and save myself the missery and expense of trial and error.

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ellyrae Posted 27 Apr 2006 , 11:43pm
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Oh Man!!!! You just gave me another new venture to add to my list of ideas!!!!!! I haven't seen these before but I love them!

For the heart wire topper, it looks to me like they used "spring wire" which holds it's shape, sort of bounces back. It comes in two sizes I've seen. One for bracelets and one for necklaces. (silver & gold colors). I'm guessing they used the necklace size for this one. The hearts look like regular charms which come in all different kinds of styles from plain to super fancy. You would need jump rings to attach the heart to the wire and you'd also need round nose plyers to open the jump rings and to turn your wire into a loop. All this can be found at Michaels.

The other topper with the straight wire looks like bendable beading wire which you would use the same tools for. You would need "crimper" beads to hold the crystals/beads in place on the wire though. Otherwise they would slide down. You don't have to get a crimper tool, you can crimp with needle nose pliers.

This is such a fantistic look and man can I think of a millon ideas for it!!!!!!!! Thanks for another light bulb SweetArt!!!

hope this helps a bit,

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bush1 Posted 28 Apr 2006 , 4:03am
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I would suggest that you purchase your crystals or hearts from They are very accurate, cheap, quick with orders and do not charge any shipping. I purchased hundreds of crystals from them for a wedding topper and I was extremely pleased. The only way to get a better deal is if you can catch the 1/2 off beads sale at Hobby Lobby but even then you have to buy so many packs just to get the amount that you will need. I can tell you that it probably cost less than 10.00 to make the toppers that you posted. The hearts are actually very pretty and have a very small hole at the top. To make those you will only need the jewelry wire, whatever bead you're using, a pair of needle nose pliers and wire cutters (or a good pair of scissors will work). Cut the wire to the desired length, thread it through the hole and use the needle nose pliers to form whatever twist you'd like to use to secure the bead. I would recommend that you use a 26 gauge wire. It will be strong enough to bend and hold its shape with the dangling hearts.

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SweetArt Posted 28 Apr 2006 , 7:50pm
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Thank you both so much! That is a huge help. Now I at least have a starting point.

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boring Posted 29 Apr 2006 , 1:08pm
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you can actually make gelatine jewerly and place them on cake wire to achive this look. you could use chocolate or candy moulds to get the shapes. Dissolve your gelatine in water if you want a colour add it and then place in mould. You could attach further decoartions by using the disolved gelatine and leave it to set.

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Molly2 Posted 29 Apr 2006 , 1:17pm
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What neat ideas guess where i'm going today

icon_wink.gif Molly2

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ncdessertdiva Posted 30 Apr 2006 , 12:55am
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Fire Mountain Gems and Beads is also another good website for jewelry/bead items. Good prices and always a sale.

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playingwithsugar Posted 30 Apr 2006 , 1:07am
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Thanks for the tips on where to buy the Swarovski Crystals. I have been wanting to make birthstone trees for my nieces since forever, but with the price they were charging for the heart crystals at the craft stores here, there was just no way I was going to be able to afford them. Now, they are on the list for Christmas.

Theresa icon_smile.gif

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Kellycreations Posted 17 Dec 2006 , 4:41pm
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What's a birthstone tree???

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BarbaraK Posted 21 Dec 2006 , 9:34am
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Zmama Posted 21 Dec 2006 , 2:59pm
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Cake jewelry is easy! I would suggest using a template, though, to get it even. Needlenose pliers, wire cutters, and the pliers with the one round tip and one flat tip are important. Robogrips are GREAT for holding the wire, if you have the small pair handy. Raid dh's toolbox, and you should have all your supplies. There are SO many uses for any extra wire, too - I made Christmas ornaments with each person's name in wire one year, angel halos, fairy wings (gelatin), quick hangers, gift tags (wire names), crowns and tiaras, you name it! It's an essential in our craft box.

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sweet_as_tisse Posted 26 Dec 2006 , 2:49am
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here is my attempt at some cake jewellry, the lillies are for an upcoming wedding cake but i love the cake jewellry and wanted to use that as well..

its quite easy to do, i just brought two different gauges of jewellry wire (a heavy coil gauge and a small coil gauge then some glass beads) i twisted the small wire around the heavy one and then just threaded the beads onto the small wire where i wanted them....

the heavy coiled wire is quite hard to shape as it springs back all the time but you just keep at it and it will eventually shape...


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Kellycreations Posted 26 Dec 2006 , 3:02am
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sweet_as_tisse that is beautiful WOW love it. I really have to give it a try. Thanks for all the tip everyone icon_smile.gif
Has anyone else given it a try?

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atemanli Posted 3 May 2013 , 8:14am
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I like co-co jewelry.

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