What Do You Wear????

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PurplePetunia Posted 20 Apr 2005 , 10:13pm
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I was wondering, what do you wear when you have to deliver a cake??
I only deliver wedding cakes. I was thinking, since I have to set it up there, it might look nice to have some kind of 'official' clothing??
I was thinking of:
-some sort of a jacket like a chef's coat with my business name on it??
-a special shirt with my logo on it?

I'm definitely getting a hat and shirt printed for dh since he's my delivery boy sidekick and driver icon_biggrin.gif !

What do you guys wear?? icon_smile.gif

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luceymoose Posted 20 Apr 2005 , 10:25pm
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I think that polo or henley shirts with your name printed on it would be great. Then depending on the function, you could dress it up with slacks or dress it down with jeans.

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ntertayneme Posted 20 Apr 2005 , 10:26pm
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I don't wear anything formal, but I do dress nice, yet comfortable. Moving around unloading and setting up the cake can be stressful and hectic. I just try to wear a nice pants suit that is cool and comfortable.

I think your idea is great though... having a shirt with your bakery/business name on it is a great idea!

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Lisa Posted 20 Apr 2005 , 10:51pm
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My SIL was sweet enough to make me a very pretty apron that has Cakes By Lisa embroidered on it. I don't wear it out, but I do wear it whenever someone comes to pick up a cake. I think an embroidered shirt would be nice to wear out. You could also get one of those magnetic signs to put on the side of your car/van.

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CarolAnn Posted 20 Apr 2005 , 11:37pm
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I live out of town so I delliver all my cakes. Wedding cakes I've done I've also attended the wedding so I was dressed up once and casual the other. For my niece's wedding I got so irritated because the photographer had her list of pics to get and would not/could not do the couple I was to be in after I'd finished setting up the cake. So here I was with a kitchen full of people milling around while I'm working. I ran to get the pics taken and after waiting 20 min doing nothing but wait I ran back to my cakes only to be screamed at to get back to the pics. I told them to come get me when the photographer was ready because I was busy. Did I mention the wedding and buffet dinner/dance were outside in 42 degree weather with 30 mph wind? I may as well admit that I didn't see the 3" step down from patio to dance floor and fell headlong to the concrete. Man was I ever glad to have all that over with! Gee, this got off the subject. Oops... Ü

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elin Posted 21 Apr 2005 , 1:19pm
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What a neat idea. I normally do not deliver the birthdaycakes. But when I have the wedding I will.
Have earlier just dressed formally, but have often thought about getting me a chefs coat. Like that ones. And to get my name on the back could be so cool.

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flayvurdfun Posted 21 Apr 2005 , 1:30pm
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clothes... I'd wear clothes.... icon_lol.gif just messing...but I would.... my ideal wardrobe would be to have an apron that matched the cakes colors... and then I would want to wear pants that compliment the cake.

Now it would differ a bit if I were setting it up before the wedding and such.... I would wear an outfit that was comfortable but one that wouldnt be hurt if I got stuff on it, and do all the cake touching stuff first then before I put the tulle and stuff on, I would change into the outfit above so if someone came in they would see me in a matching outfit...

I know its a bit ridiculous, but hey, like I said in the beginning my ideal would be that...

but I would dress comfortably and still try to wear something to compliment the cake's color.

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melodyscakes Posted 21 Apr 2005 , 3:01pm
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icon_cool.gif that is a great idea!!!!!!! i love it!!!! i havent told you what i do at easter time......i have a bunny rabbit costume and i put it on and go around selling my cookies, shaped like rabbits......i have so much fun! i have regular customers that call me the cookie lady and love it when i come.
i love the shirt and hat ideas with my business name i'll have to save some of my cake money to do that...not now though, i have coupons for 50% off at joannes for this weekend. (i scored 4 coupons) so i am going to buy the oval pan set and the square pan set and havent decided what else. maybe i need to post a topic about joannes having 50% off coupons for friday and sat.

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Godiva Posted 21 Apr 2005 , 3:48pm
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Funny thing is that I've also been thinking about that....I have my fav chartreuse apron that I want to have embroidered with my bus name on it...But I was thinking of getting a white chefs jacket/coat...Not a big one though...But that may be overkill for me...donno....kinda cool though to dress up like a real pro! icon_wink.gif

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PurplePetunia Posted 21 Apr 2005 , 6:16pm
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Well, I'm not 100% sure about the chef's coat yet, because I don't want to over do it or have people think I'm better that I actually am.
But if I do go with it, there is a chef's coat designed especially for women.
It's a little more tailored around the bust area. That way it's not as big and baggy, so it won't get in your way. They also come in neat colours too.
A lot of the women chefs on Food network wear them (when they're in coats). icon_smile.gif

Thanks for all the responses!

Purple Petunia icon_smile.gif

CarolAnn Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
CarolAnn Posted 22 Apr 2005 , 2:45pm
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Flay, why am I picturing you in a pink outfit with tulle (like little totos) around your neck, wrists and ankles and your business name blazoned out in sparkles on your chest? I think that image is from some old movie I can't place at the moment. Just have identical outfits in different pastels to match you cakes. What fun!

If I got really seriously into doing cakes I think I'd like a nice jacket with my business name on it too. Probably some shirts too. Maybe tees with the name on the back, or something cake related and clever. I work at a massage therapy clinic and my bosses have shirts that say "It feels good to be kneaded." I think I'd like to use Lisa's motto on my shirts. Birthdays are just nature's way of telling us to eat more cake. I love it Lisa!!

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m0use Posted 22 Apr 2005 , 4:01pm
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What I would wear is some nice khakis, a nice polo top that would have my name embroidered on it, business and/or personal, and then have a nice apron with my name on it, business and/or personal. That way if you get icing on yourself while decorating you can remove the apron and still look professional on your way out the door.

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Lisa Posted 22 Apr 2005 , 6:02pm
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Originally Posted by CarolAnn

I think I'd like to use Lisa's motto on my shirts. Birthdays are just nature's way of telling us to eat more cake. I love it Lisa!!

Thanks icon_smile.gif ...it's an anonymous quote. I like the It Feels Good To Be Kneaded. I've also seen a baker's T-shirt that said I See Bread People--LOL (if you've seen Sixth Sense)!

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sunlover00 Posted 23 Apr 2005 , 2:15am
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I always dress nice because it seems I deliver and set up the cake, then its MY time and I go out to eat and a movie to relax! But really, at any setup, there's never anyone there anyhow - they're all at the wedding - so its no big deal. But at any rate, I'll always try to look nice so that people don't think I'm a slob and that I licked their batter bowl. ha!

CarolAnn Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
CarolAnn Posted 23 Apr 2005 , 4:11am
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But I DID lick the batter bowl!!! LOL I like Mouse's idea. If/when I do a wedding I'm not also a guest at I'll probably follow her lead. I'm still contemplating a name for my business. Oh, I have a 60th anniversary cake coming up in June and would really really love to get a dedicated printer to do the couple's wedding picture on it. Their daughter (my boss) loved the idea. So I'm thinking hard about that now.

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cindycakes2 Posted 23 Apr 2005 , 4:17am
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I do the same thing you do, sunlover. My hubby is my set up guy, and we are always so relieved to have the cake set up and standing straight, we go out for dinner and relax!

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sunlover00 Posted 23 Apr 2005 , 1:32pm
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My business name is "It Takes The Cake!". One name I was contemplating before I decided was "It's a Piece of Cake!" and "Let Them Eat Cake!" Just some ideas for you! Good Luck!

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Chrystal Posted 24 Apr 2005 , 6:08am
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i was thinking what do i wear when i deliver this ladys cakes for her wedding. I wear a white chef coat every day of mylife....haha.. and black pants..its very professional..but then again mymajor in college was culinary and that was my specialty rather than cakes..I think its very nice to see someone in a clean white chef jacket and nice black pants.. Thats how us pros do it in the kitchens lol.. umm.. also they make a variety of chef coats for women.. I have a really nice black one that looks very nice. Because i work at a butcher shop when i know someone is coming to visit i wear a black coat all day so it won't show anything i get on it.. then i change into a white coat.. Also there are some really cool chef clothes out there. When i was in my first years of college my mom made me some really cool chef hats and chef pants. They had cakes and pastry bags and cool stuff on them.. YOu could even make your own apron if you know how to sew.. (it doesn't take a genious... i did it lol) But i think overall when it hink of someone making a cake I would like to see them in a nice apron with the name of their business on it!

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