Beginner Here, Would Like To Introduce Myself!

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SweetieShell Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 2:16am
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Hello all, my name is Shelley. I just started taking wilton classes. I've had two lessons so far of Course 1. Tomorrow night I'm taking the rolled fondant class w/my mom.

My son will have his 1st birthday in June and I wanted to be able to make him an out of this world cake. I've made one cake so far and I was very please with the way it turned out.

I know that I'll have a ton of questions in the coming months. Please bear with me.

I'm looking forward to meeting you, I've seen some wonderful cakes in the gallery.

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linnburg Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 2:26am
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Hi Shelley! Glad you could join us! I know you'll find lots of great ideas and recipes here and probable make some new friends, too. icon_biggrin.gif


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lovetobake Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 2:29am
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Welcome aboard!! There are lots of great ideas on this site and lots of helpful people as well.
Patty icon_biggrin.gif

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Lemondrop Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 2:40am
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There's lots of friendly, helpful people here. I'm sure you'll fit right in. I'm in Course one of the Wilton classes too. My 3rd lesson is tomorrow night. icon_smile.gif

Your lucky to be taking your class with your Mom. It should be fun!

Hope to see some of your pictures in the Gallery,


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SweetieShell Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 2:50am
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Thanks, Ladies.

Denise, I did post a pic of my very 1st cake,

It was super yummy!

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emi Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 2:58am
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Welcome Shelley. I'm sure you'll soon find out that this is the most supportive site you'll ever come accross. I'm fairly new to cake decorating myself and I've learned so much from this site.

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Lemondrop Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 3:06am
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Your cake is really nice thumbs_up.gif I'm in the Wilton course 1 too, and we haven't done anything like that. We mostly just practice.


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tcturtleshell Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 3:33am
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Welcome SweetieShell!!

Your going to love this site! Ask all the cake questions you like! Everyone is one big family here & we love helping out!!

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cakeconfections Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 3:41am
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CarolAnn Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 4:45am
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Hi Shelley and welcome! Your first cake looked great. You'll love it here and soon be addicted like the rest of

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tanyascakes Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 5:11am
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Hi, Shelley! Welcome to our family! You will find some of the best people in the world in this place. And talk about support!!! We support each other in all things-whether it is decorating or if one of us is ill. We stick to guns and try to be as helpful as we can to one another. If one of us doesn't have an answer for you someone else will. Just try us out for awhile. You will find that you can be a perfect fit with the rest of us!! And I just adored your cake!! Looked so yummy! icon_biggrin.gif

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Lisa Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 5:41am
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Hi Shelley...welcome to Cake Central!

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flayvurdfun Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 5:45am
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looks like to me shelley you will fit right in!

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elin Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 6:24am
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Hi Shelley.
Welcome too a nice and great page.
You will love it here. I know that I do.

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diane Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 8:56am
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welcome!! i saw your cake...looks like you'll be real good at this! is the flowers buttercream or are they royal icing. they look like mine, which are royal icing. again...welcome aboard!! icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

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AngelWendy Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 11:25am
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Your first cake from class confuses me. I have just finished Course I and II and we didn't learn leaves til the end of Course II. And nothing like those flowers, either. Wow! You're very good! That first cake looks terrific! Our teach also would not let us do chocolate icing! icon_sad.gif

So how did you jump from Course I second class to rolled fondant? Is this a course other than Wilton? Envious! icon_wink.gif

Well, enjoy your cake decorating and the classes! Welcome to the forums!


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GHOST_USER_NAME Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 12:01pm
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AngelWendy, I did not take Wilton courses. I took classes another source who was very anti-Wilton. I'm told by other decorators that I learned so much more in my three levels than Wilton teaches. We had the rose down in level 1 and were properly filling cupcakes liners, filling cupcakes and properly icing them in level 2.

We did not learn fondant in her "level" classes. That was an advanced class all by itself for an additional $15.

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GHOST_USER_NAME Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 12:02pm
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SweetieShell- Welcome aboard!!

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AngelWendy Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 12:08pm
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Ok, Dawn.. erm.. I was talking to SweetieShell because she is the one that mentioned she was in Wilton classes and that this was her first cake (that she linked to in the galleries) and was learning rolled fondant the next week. It just confused me a bit.

I would love to take cake decorating classes that were not Wilton ones! I really had a bad experience in my classes and I thought they were very rigid and yet I didn't learn all that I had wanted to by a long shot. I don't see anything else in my area, though. I guess I'll be learning from here, from practicing at home, and from books I get.


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GHOST_USER_NAME Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 12:40pm
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AngelWendy- I know you were talking to SweetieShell and I was responding to you that non-Wilton courses are out there (in most areas- not all)and I've heard you learn more.

It was just a statement in response to yours.

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AngelWendy Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 12:44pm
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Okey dokey! Well, it's way past my bedtime and I tend to get confused and all out of sorts at this time, but it's when I'm usually able to browse the site and look at pix. Sigh. I'm a night owl, but this is ridiculous! It's almost 9 am!! I have to get to bed! Sorry for my confusion and all that..

Angel Wendy

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SweetieShell Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 12:52pm
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AngelWendy, I'm actually taking the cake deco class at a local bakery in town. They also make wedding cakes but just happen to teach classes too. We're pretty much going by the course book, but she did teach of leaves. (Even though she wasn't supposed to, but since we were learning to make the rose, she thought, you need to learn leaves too.)

I've only had two of the classes of course 1, my 3rd and final lesson is this Sunday. The cake I made wasn't for class. It was simply for my benefit of practicing. I went to a mom's group and brought the cake as a treat. I have to bake another cake this week for my project for the last class of course 1.

As for the fondant class I'm taking tonight. It's a one time lesson. It's being taught at the same place as course 1. There was no mention of any prerequisite to any other courses before signing up for this one. So I signed my mom & I up for it, (her Easter gift.) My last class of course 1 was supposed to be yesterday, but there was an Ky ICES meeting, so our last class was bumped to this coming Sunday. So I hope that clears up some confusion for ya. icon_biggrin.gif

Diane, the drop flowers are from buttercream. I had just learned how to do them that afternoon. So there was no time before my mom's group to use royal. I just stuck them in the freezer for a little while (not long enough, I might add icon_redface.gif ) so when I was transferring them from wax to cake, some of them sort of smushed. Oh well, lesson learned.

I wanted to thanks everyone else for the warm welcome! I'm very excited to be here and can't wait to keep baking. I am a little bit of a message board addict, so I'm sure you'll be seeing PLENTY of me! icon_lol.gif

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CIndymm4 Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 1:48pm
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Welcome Shelly. I found this site about a month ago but I am completely addicted!! icon_smile.gif Anything you can think of in terms of cake decorating can be answered right here, it's wonderful. This site is a fantastic source of information and inspiration. I know you're going to enjoy it.

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momsandraven Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 4:17pm
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Looks like I'm a bit slow to jump on the Welcome Wagon, but Welcome to our fun family!! icon_smile.gif I'm not sure how you can actively participate on this site and NOT become addicted, so be warned. Ha Ha. Great first cake! You should try keeping a journal of your cakes, it's a great way to keep track of what works for you vs. what seemed like a good idea but wasn't. It's also fun to look back at your pics to see how much you've improved along the way.

Happy Baking!

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AngelWendy Posted 18 Apr 2005 , 11:44pm
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Thanks for the info, SweetieShell! I get it now. icon_smile.gif Have a great time tonight!


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dragonwarlord1969 Posted 19 Apr 2005 , 12:23am
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Hi Shelley!!

On behalf of the 4 guys on this site, WELCOME! icon_biggrin.gif

I shall now tell thee a wee bit about myself. My name is Joe, I'm married and am father to the world's cutest most perfect daughter of all time! (I'm not biased, icon_razz.gif )

I work for Lionel Trains and have worked there off and on since 1987. (that's a long story) I have an associates degree in Electronics Technology.

I decided to take up cake decorating to possibly open up a sweet shop. But when I started taking the classes, i could not believe how much I enjoy it, I find it relaxing. I started taking classes earlier this year and I've got a baby shower cake and 2 wedding cakes next year.


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momof3jotynjake Posted 19 Apr 2005 , 12:28am
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welcome shelle!! i am also new and quite addicted! LOL!! the people here are awesome!!! i have learned a great deal!!


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greencargirl Posted 19 Apr 2005 , 12:30am
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Welcome Shelly icon_biggrin.gif
You're going to love this site so much! I'm on here everyday. I've decided to attempt making my own wedding cake. I've learned everything from here, it's so much fun! Hopefully we'll talk to you soon thumbs_up.gif

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peacockplace Posted 19 Apr 2005 , 2:12am
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Welcome from me too. everyone here is so great! I have gotten so much help, and it's nice to talk to people who understand the stuff I'm going through!

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m0use Posted 19 Apr 2005 , 2:24pm
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It looks like you are already part of the family with the new avatar that Lisa found for you icon_wink.gif
I love your first cake, the contrast of colors are very nice.

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