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GHOST_USER_NAME Posted 14 Apr 2005 , 9:45pm
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I get the feeling Im not wanted here. You think Im rude, Ill give you rude.

I think youre all bitter about me for some reason, perhaps because you all ended up as housewives whose biggest kick is making cakes. While Im young, in university, and will probably end up with an MBA and a seven figure salary.

I happen to have a different opinion than you on a number of things. Does that make me a bad person? Apparently so.

What bothers me the most though, is your hypocrisy. On one hand you claim you dont have time to make real cakes, yet you can make your own butter. Youre all poor and cant afford waste, yet you can throw away egg yolks because theyre too high in cholesterol. This coming from a cake forum! Heres an idea. You dont like cholesterol? Dont eat so much fucking cake. And the store-bought vs. home made vs. cake mix thing? Your fucking taste buds are dead or something! How can you be critical of store bought cakes, when the cakes you make are from a mix. That gives you no authority to say that your cakes are better, because guess what, a cake from a mix is not your cake. Its not special. Thousands identical to it have gone before. And the store bought cakes? Not all are frozen. All the grocery stores in my area make them FROM A MIX. And the decorating? You think you can do better? Ive seen the gallery. Stores have a professional on staff who can make a perfectly smooth base and do a bit of decorating in a matter of minutes.

The caker thing? Well, I was trying to be nice and save you some embarrassment. When I said I couldnt explain what caker meant, I could have, but I held back because I knew the definition would offend you. So heres what it is:

It comes from the Italian term manja cake, which means like eat cake or cake eaters. It gets its meaning from people who, when having any sort of get together, will always serve a dessert, something sweet, or a CAKE. But it means more than that. And for your information, being Canadian or being white dont have anything to do with it. Its your bland, middle class, hick, person who reads supermarket tabloids, makes their buttercream using shortening, uses tide laundry detergent, watches sports on TV but doesnt play, has a husband with a small penis and/or beer belly, is addicted to coffee/pepsi, cooks their steak to well done, owns, or wants to own a truck, wears makeup brands like covergirl or NYC, has taken a wilton class, uses wilton products, cover every available surface in their home with tacky trinkets, and finally, eat to many fucking sweets so that they, and their families are all lard asses.

Oh, by the way, 99% of the cakes in the gallery look like they were made by a retarded kid who doesnt have motor skills.

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