Mini Wedding Cakes Decorating Ideas?

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BrideToBe Posted 23 Jan 2006 , 12:58am
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Hi everyone,

I am getting married this summer, and my future mother in law read about a neat idea: to make mini cakes for the centerpiece of each table, then everyone just eats the cake at their table. We're going to start experimenting with recipes etc. pretty quick here, but I was wondering if anyone could suggest and cake decorating tips? I just read the topic about making the edible pearls, and we will definitely be trying that!

Does anyone have any other ideas? We just want a bunch of things to try and have fun with! Also, can anyone tell me how to make frosting roses? Years ago I learned how to make them with a wooden dowel, but have long since forgotten.

If it helps, the main color is yellow. Not a pale inside-of-a-banana yellow, nor a bright garish big-bird yellow, but kind of in between. Pretty much like yellow roses, as that will be the main flower. I am probably going to mix in a few red and pink roses too to add a splash of color.

I would appreciate very much any ideas!!

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briansbaker Posted 23 Jan 2006 , 2:29am
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Hi and welcome to CC.. And congratulations on your upcoming wedding. well I would imagine only about (depending on how big your table is) 10-12 people will be at each table.. Here is an idea.. I seen something like this, Just cant remember where.. But get come clear plates and some wine glasses with a wide rim.. Turn the glass upside down and hot glue the plate to the glass.. You know have a plate holder.. I would think an 8" cake would be fine for each table.. make some buttercream or fondant roses of your choice for the top of each cake.. I would do a basketweave for the sides of the cakes or do a something simple like swiss dots and you could add your edible pearls to the dots... GOOD LUCK!

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hamie Posted 23 Jan 2006 , 2:54am
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If you are planning on doing these yourself, I would get in some classes as soon as possible.

I did a wedding like this a few months ago, 10 6 inch cakes. I did not sleep for two days.

I don't want to scare you away from doing something that you really want to do, just keep in mind that it will be hard work. I would kkep the decorating a simple as possible. The basket weave idea was great. That way you do not have to worry about perfectly smoothing the sides. You could place an arrangment on the top so that you do not have to worry about smoothing at all.

Good luck.

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gcc Posted 23 Jan 2006 , 2:57pm
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Hi there bride-to-be,

I went to a wedding two weeks ago, where every guest had their own mini wedding cake at their place setting.
We were asked when we received our invitations to choose from a list of different cakes i.e. fruit, choc mud, white mud, etc. They even asked if we would like gluten free etc.
Anyway, we sent our choice back with our acceptance card.
On the day of the wedding the bride and groom cut a very plain two tier wedding cake, which had ribbon trim around each layer to match the colour of the bridesmaids dresses i.e. fuschia pink. The only other decoration were silver hearts which came out of the top of the cake on sort of springy wires.( Not a good description I know)
At each place setting there was a small cake about three inch round, sort of like a small plum pudding shape. It was iced with fondant and had a small ribbon to match the main cake. Each guest had their name piped on the top of the cake (men's names in silver & ladies were pink) and there were little silver hearts piped on points around the top of the cake. Each cake was on a little cake board and placed in a little cellophane box.

I don't have a picture of the cake but I may be able to find out where the bride bought them from and see if their website has any examples.

Hope that is a bit of help. If my explanation is not clear PM me and I will try to answer more clearly.

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lotsoftots Posted 23 Jan 2006 , 3:26pm
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Make sure you have enough refrigerator space if your cakes will require it!

Also, the cornelli lace is beautiful and not terribly time consuming.

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Jenn123 Posted 23 Jan 2006 , 4:43pm
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Basket weave is VERY hard on the hands and is time consuming. I would choose something simpler like the cornelli lace or dotted swiss. You could do something different on each.

How about l layer heart cakes with a fresh long stem rose tied with ribbon on each? You would have to make flowers or do much decorating.

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missnnaction Posted 23 Jan 2006 , 4:49pm
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This is a good site to get some ideas from

Hope this helps

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antonia74 Posted 23 Jan 2006 , 4:56pm
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I did a wedding last December of Table Cakes. They had one at each of the 16 tables. 8 guests ate the cakes, in 6" and 3" tiers.

They were triple-layer cakes filled with rapsberry buttercream and iced in Martha's IMBC. I froze the top tiers to transport them much more easily and then just assembled them at the reception. Freezing those little cakes was a perfect solution. EASY to put together...and they had completely thawed by the time they ate them 6 hours later!

We decorated each cake differently, but all in ivory buttercream. They all had snowflakes as toppers, to make them all a bit alike!

Here are some photos:

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BrideToBe Posted 24 Jan 2006 , 4:33pm
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Thank you for the replies everyone!

brainsbaker, I just saw the wineglass cake holder idea in one of the galleries a few minutes ago, but I didn't think to connect it to *my* wedding! That would be a great way to get the cakes up a little bit off the table. Also thanks for the links, I realized later that I was a bit hasty in some of my questions, as there were already articles and posts about them that I could read.

I will probably use roses quite a bit, as yellow roses will be the main flower, with maybe the red and pink like I mentioned above. Also, I took a cake decorating class when I was eight and the roses were incredibly easy, so I figure if I could do them then, I should be able to remember if I do some practicing. Also I really like the edible pearls, so I'm sure they'll be included.

I think a small two-tiered cake, covered with fondant to make it look so smooth, and with a few roses and pearls would look pretty and be fairly easy to make, especially since I will have several people helping me, and LOTS of freezer space. But like I said, we will experiment for a bit, see what we can come up with, and if nothing turns out right we will just order.

A couple people suggested the really mini cakes at each persons place, and that would be really neat looking, but I am nowhere near that ambitious. I'd leave something like that up to the pros, or someone with a small wedding. icon_razz.gif I might be making a few of those in the future just for fun, though, because they are so darn cute.

As for the suggestion of cornelli lace... I haven't really seen that yet, I will look into it! It sounds like it'd be pretty.

If anyone else has any ideas and suggestions I would love to hear them! I'll keep checking, and will probably bug you all somemore once I get to a cake store and try out some things.


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BJsGRL Posted 21 Feb 2006 , 12:43am
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Here is a sample of cornelli lace ... I made this 2-layer 6" heart as a first anniversary cake. Good luck! Tina

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DiscoLady Posted 21 Feb 2006 , 3:03am
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I would think the simpler the better.
Here are a few ideas I copied from the internet (not mine)

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BrideToBe Posted 21 Feb 2006 , 4:27pm
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Those are some great pics. I don't think we will be doing the mini cakes anymore, however. My fiance was very adamant about wanting a big main cake icon_lol.gif My future mother in law and I are taking some cake decorating classes right now and are seriously considering going into that as a little side business.

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