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Jackie Posted 18 Feb 2007 , 7:41pm
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Cake Central exists to provide a postive, fun, and safe environment for cake decorators of all experience and skill level to share ideas, tips, techniques, and personal stories. Cake Central is meant to be a haven away from the negativity in the rest of our lives.

IF the above is what you are looking for, Cake Central is the place for you.


I do not require anyone to be "syrupy" sweet. What I do require is that people have basic respect and kindness. I do not, and will not allow any threads to go on bashing other people, whether they belong to this community or not. is positive place and it will continue to stay that way.

There is a distinct difference between "syrupy sweet" and basic human kindness, compassion, and consideration.


If you would like to talk trash about a TV show, or another person, take it elsewhere. Those conversations and comments are not welcome here.
There are million... actually BILLIONS of other places on the internet where you are free to trash celebrities, TV shows and other people, just don't bring it to


I have said countless times, over and over and over.... , this is a public forum, and you can disagree.

The only requirement is that you do it respectfully. If you are unable to respond respectfully, or with a basic common courtesy, do not respond at all.

There have been many forum posts started that will go on for pages and pages of people sharing their different opinions and discussing the topic, and making their disagreements in a civil and mature way.

I shouldn't need to, but I applaud those people for having basic decency toward other human beings.

In an ideal world, we would all be respectful, and moderating would not be a necessity, but the reality is, not all members here have shown the ability to maintain a respectful nature, and therefore moderating discussions is required.


If you personally feel that someone does not deserve a compliment, simply do not comment!

Or better yet, give encouragement! Compliment the effort... It takes a lot of guts for someone to post their photo in the gallery next to some of the best chefs and highest rated cake decorators' cakes!


There is already so much garbage and negativity in the rest of our daily lives that I will not have it pollute the utopia I have found with this community of generous and thoughtful people.

THANK YOU everyone for creating a safe place for me, that I truly enjoy every day.

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Heath Posted 18 Feb 2007 , 7:44pm
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This thread is not open to public response.

If you have something to say to us regarding this thread, please direct your comment or question to us via PM.

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Heath Posted 28 Jan 2014 , 10:28pm
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I wanted to take an opportunity to follow up on the moderating policies of the CakeCentral forums and the overall expectations on etiquette and behavior as users of the forums.


Please take a moment to read the opening post of this thread by Jackie as I feel it does a very good job of expressing a clear idea of how interactions on cake central should take place.


Additionally I would like to touch on the topic of moderators at Cakecentral.


We have recently had some questions arise related to moderating policy and I wanted to clarify what role moderators play and what role the Admins play in the management of the CakeCentral Forums.


Moderators are unpaid volunteers, people who have distinguished themselves within the CakeCentral community as being knowledgeable, giving and fair-minded.  Moderators donate a crazy amount of their personal time to helping keep the forums organized, civil and on point.  It is a sacrifice they make out of caring for their fellow CC members and the cake community at large.


Moderators take a great deal of heat from members who do not agree with moderator actions, however in most cases that heat is misplaced.  Jackie, Leanne, and I (the Admins) set the moderating policies for Cake Central the moderators only enforce the rules that we set. If they issue an infraction against a user it is based on the instructions we have provided them.  They do not utilize this access to carry out personal vendetta's, though some users who earn multiple infractions may feel that is what is happening.


The reality is that moderators cannot read everything that gets posted.  We rely on members utilizing the REPORT POST feature to bring questionable posts to the attention of moderators.  If a member feels picked on, it is likely because the community has reported a lot of their posts, not because a moderator is singling them out.


Also please remember that moderators do not issue bans to members except in the case of accounts created solely for spamming purposes.  Temporary bans may happen, but these are due to infractions incurred, not a direct choice to ban someone.  Moderators issue infractions, but it is the Admins who assign the consequences of infractions.


Permanent banning is also not in the ability for moderators.  If you see a member is permanently banned, that decision came from an Admin, not a moderator.  In most cases a permanent banishment is not the result of public actions such as forum posts, but rather private interactions that take place, often in the attempts by one party or the other to address and resolve whatever issues caused a temporary ban.


So please, if you feel that our moderating policies are unfair or not being enforced fairly, please bring those concerns to me via a PM or email.  It is never okay to contact a moderator outside of cakecentral to address with them their moderator actions at CakeCentral. 


Thank you and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions about forum policy.  I cannot address specific situations that pertain to other users, but I can discuss general policy and listen to recommendations.

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