Flexique™ Instant Lace Cake Contest Entry Erin Schwartz

Erin Schwartz of Stacked Custom Cakes & Classes in Ashburn, VA created a fairytale wedding cake themed on "Stained Glass" for our Flexique Instant Lace Contest

When I first received the Flexique products in the mail I was excited, nervous and anxious to start playing with it! I had never used any of the products before, but have seen what cool things they can do! I knew everything was going to be a first for me, but was eager in the least to give it a go!

At first, my brain was racing with all of the ways I could use the products; however, I then realized it would be too much to include all of those items and decided to start with the design. The challenge was to design a stained glass inspired wedding cake. I started by researching beautiful churches and stained glass. Through looking into that imagery, the design evolved naturally.

 Aside from the Flexique, everything I used was quite common.  The stone was created using a texture mat, the trim work was done with wonderful molds, I used an edible image printer on Flexique for the stained glass and so on!

 If I had to pick one thing on this cake that was my favorite, it would be the stained glass tree on top! I had absolutely no clue if it would turn out the way I was hoping, but it did! Using the Flexique for the artsy, stained glass leaves worked perfectly! I also loved the gnarled, dusted bark.

It’s the extra steps, thought and care that make a cake special. For example, color washing the stones gave the entire cake depth and the feel of being aged.  Backlighting a romantic silhouette in the middle tier transformed it into a wedding cake that, for me, emoted love. I’m so honored I was asked to be a part of this contest! It allowed me to use a new product as well as create and design a unique cake that I truly love!

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Erin my dear friend, your cake is absolutely AMAZING and Gourgeous girl!!! Wow. It's breathtaking, you can definitely see the amount of love and attention to detail that you put into this cake.  My vote is for you Erin.  I bought some of the flexique at soflo and I haven't tried it yet, this makes me want to go play with it right now lol. It's such a fabulous product.  I'm rooting for you to win!!! Wishing you all the best.