Sketch to Cake: Mani Surendra’s Elie Saab Inspired Couture Wedding Cake

Mani Surendra 

of Designed by Mani created a gorgeous wedding cake for the Fashion Issue of Cake Central Magazine Volume 7 Issue 4. Her couture wedding cake was inspired by an elegant, glittering Elie Saab Haute Couture Paris gown. Mani shares with us how she chose the elements to build her cake around and how she created her beautiful wedding cake.

Beautiful Buttons

I was immediately attracted to the beautiful buttoned necklace, lattice design and the glitter work of the dress. Straight after I decided to make elements from the Necklace as the main feature of the cake.

I started the process by identifying the elements that I wanted to feature on my cake. I wanted to make these elements standout but not to overwhelm.

As an artist decides on a canvas, I decided on how many tiers, size & orientation to showcase the elements.

I tried a few sketches of few different shapes and sizes until I came up with the final design concept.

I incorporated the texture of the fabric from the dress, into the top two tiers of the cake. I customized an existing mould to use for the motifs, to create the glitter pattern on the dress.

After trying few mediums as shimmer and silver paint,I finally decided on silver disco dust to capture the exquisite elegance of the gorgeous Elie Saab dress.

Luckily I found some moulds in my collection to create the buttons inspired by the necklace. I wanted the buttons to look similar as the the inspiration necklace. Therefore I painted the buttons in silver paint, as they were dried I brushed over black gel color and wiped off excess to create the effect.

Then I incorporated the Lattice work from the skirt to the cake design.

Since it's a wedding cake I included a hand painted bride and groom silhouette inside a decorative frame.

Shimmering Process

I started the process by making the buttons out of button molds, there after I covered all tiers in fondant and imprinted the tulle on to the top two tiers to create the texture of the fabric.

I emphasized the texture of the fabric by brushing  white shimmer on both tiers.

Then I started making the motifs and covered with silver disco dust to achieve the glamorous elegance of the dress.

I use the sketch as a guide and change as I go according to my creative instinct.

I use the sketch as a guide and change as I go according to my creative instinct. At design phase I trialed and decided of majority of the materials I was going to use hence I had reduced the chance of complications.

I [originally] wanted to have an big flower arrangement with silver and white Magnolias to have on top of the cake, due to time restrictions I had to compromise and come up with a smaller arrangement.

Gorgeous & Elegant

I was extremely pleased with how my design translated into an elegant wedding cake inspired by the gorgeous 'Elie Saab' dress.


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