Beatrix Potter Baby Shower Cake


Elysia Smith (CC User: SteelPennyCakes) created this cake for the 
Baby Showers & Beatrix Potter issue of Cake Central Magazine. Inspired by Jemima Puddle Duck and her ducklings, Elysia made this pastel beauty, perfect for any baby shower.

To see more Beatrix Potter inspired baby shower cakes, download this issue of Cake Central Magazine.


"I was very excited to have been given Jemima Puddle Duck for my theme! Beatrix Potter's artwork is beautiful and inspiring. I knew immediately that this cake would be for a girl. I wanted to create a baby shower cake that was beautiful without being overly cute. Pastels were my immediate choice of color.

While looking through the pictures, the first thing that caught my eye were the pink foxgloves. I wanted to incorporate a painted element on the cake without recreating one of her pictures and thought the foxgloves would be perfect for that. After painting them on the second tier using petal dusts, I thought adding the 3-D ones would create depth and visual appeal. I started by rolling very small cones and used a small ball tool to open them up. The centers were painted in a darker color. The leaves were freehand cut. Those flowers were the most time-consuming and my favorite element on the cake.

The wrapped design on the bottom tier is one of my favorite techniques to do, this time in pink ombre. I used a pale yellow for the top tier and created a lattice of mini roses after seeing a trellis in the background of one of the pictures. Those were the smallest ribbon roses I have ever made. Of course, the design would not be complete without Jemima, and I had debated whether to do her standing or laying. In the end, I thought she should be laying on the top tier like a proud mother with her four ducklings," says Elysia


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