Friday Faves: Elephants and Edgy Florals

As editors of Cake Central, we come across countless inspiring things every day. From cakemakers’ stories to wedding inspiration to cool new products, we want to share a few of our favorite finds with you every week. This week we were drawn to edgy florals and animal of all kinds.

Check out this week’s Friday Faves!

Jackie’s Fave – Founder of Cake Central

Elephant paradise

Elephant paradise By roadrunnerger
I really enjoyed making this cake that was inspired by a sketch that I found on the internet. It was a red velvet cake with dried cherries and a filling of amarena cherries and cream cheese frosting with rum and chocolate flakes. Both peanut and elephants are sculpted with almond paste. Thanks for looking. :)

As most of you probably know by now, RoadrunnerGER has been on my list of “ones to watch” for a while now. This adorable cake is a perfect example of why. RoadrunnerGER is always coming up with cake designs and figures that are so unexpected! This cake just makes me smile!

Leanne’s Fave – President

These gorgeous purple flowers by ModernLovers really pop off this black cake. I love the simple purple backdrop, which enhances the flowers but doesn’t compete for my attention.

Grace’s Fave – Associate Editor

This irresistible under-the-sea cake by jeshyk is a wonderful vacation from the frigid fall weather. Each adorable character has so much life and they make me feel a little warmer inside!

Alyssa’s Fave – Associate Editor

Thanksgiving turkey - display cake done in fondant!

Thanksgiving turkey – display cake done in fondant! By rinam
This display cake is on show at Michaels in Mooresville, NC.It was done in fondant and stands proudly at 17″ high and 17″ wide.Loved doing this project.

This turkey treat by RinaM is certainly ready to be the star of a Thanksgiving feast this upcoming week! I love the detail that went into each and every feather, from marbled colors to shimmery accents.


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