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Jackie hand selected innovative decorators to create cakes using the exciting new Spellbinders® Sweet Accents™ Cake Designing Machine exclusively available at IcingImages.com. These cake decorators have all put their skills to work utilizing the Sweet Accents Cake Designing Machine in their process in uniquely intricate ways. We have an impressive collection of entries, and now it’s up to you to choose the winning cake, which will be featured in Cake Central Magazine!

sweet-accents-logo-blackEveryone is raving about the Spellbinders® Sweet Accents™ Cake Designing Machine, and it’s only available from Icing Images! The only food-safe, professional grade die cutting, embossing and stenciling system, this dynamic cake designer machine is the go-to tool for decorators looking to take their craft to the next level.

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Amberly Bolanos – Bella Cake Creations

Photos Courtsey Of: Tabetha Griffin Photography
I loved that the products were easy to use. The instructions were clear. I used 3 of the 4 sets that were sent because they seemed to work well together. The Aster flowers looked metallic if you separated the petals and that matched well with the Sprockets. Plus the luster icing images sent were copper and gold. The Moroccan border worked well as embellishments on the “wooden boxes”. Other than the items provided I didn’t really use more than a paintbrush. I love the individual flower on the top tier. While the bouquet on top looks good the individual flower really showed the sharp edges that I was able to get with the Icing Images products. I was a little bummed that the copper color was a bit orange to me and I even brushed it with more gold luster to tone it down. Other than that it was easy to use and the little embellishments would have been virtually impossible or too incredibly time consuming to get without it.


Susan Maestas - customcakesbysusan.com

As soon as I received the products from Icing Images I felt very honored to be one of the lucky ones picked to try out their fabulous items. It was like Christmas morning trying to decide what to play with first.

I received the Spellbinders filigree frames, feathers, Damask Motifs die templates, the cutting machine, pearl luster, blue luster, black luster, and white icing sheets. Once I settled on a color scheme, which yellow and grey have always been one of my two favorite colors together, the design just started coming to me as I started to work on the cake. The pattern on the bottom tier I used the damask motif die cutter with the pearl luster icing sheet. I arranged them into a diamond pattern and added the sugar flowers to the centers. I wanted to incorporate silver so I used silver beads to put in between each diamond design and the centers of the sugar flowers. The third tier I used a petal mosaic quilter and added the silver beads. The second tier I used the filigree frames cut out of the black luster sheets. I added beads to the top and bottom of the frame. The top tier I again used one of the filigree frames with the pearl luster sheets and used just the bottom part of the design with the silver bead on top. I then add the sugar peony flower, which is a flower I love to make, on to the top. This was one of my most favorite cakes to make. I love the colors and how the design from the cutters all came together. The cutters and the machine were so easy to work with. I definitely will be using the Spellbinders products in my future cakes.


Katie Blackwell-Martin – katiebelles.com/

I was very excited to receive the sweet accents spellbinder machine and the three die sets (blossom three, grand labels four and ornate corners). There were a lot more choices and products than I had expected, which I was very pleased with.

I worked on a Great Gatsby/ Art Deco theme which went perfectly with the three die sets. Going for an age of decadence gold and silver encrusted cake I choose silver metallic luster sheets, metallic antique gold luster sheets and pearl luster sheets to create my design.

I used the tools provided plus a silicone pearl mold from first impressions.

I really appreciate the ease of using black designs in a more delicate manner which can be achieved with this system. I also enjoy being able to create intricate decor more efficiently.

I look forward to seeing what new dies will be created for this system. I also am excited to see how other decorators interpreted this new system into thier decorating.


Shannon Bond – The Crumb Coat Bakery

I was really excited to receive the package from Icing Images, I couldn’t wait to open it and see which die cuts, embossers and colors of sugar sheets I was given to work with. My first impression was how easy the Spellbinders Sweet Accents machine was to operate, it was completely assembled and ready to go right out of the box. My children actually got in on the fun with me, which is always a bonus in my book! I had an idea of what I wanted to do before receiving it, but when I embossed the sugar sheet, I loved the result so much that I completely changed my entire design to work around that one element!

I loved the design of the Garden Lattice embosser, and wanted to add additional elements to it to show how versatile it can be. It’s not limited to just the pattern that is embossed on the sugar sheet, by painting a few leaves with gold luster dust and adding edible pearls, it transformed it into an entirely different design. There are so many possibilities with painting in different patterns, it’s endless! I loved the way it had a very Palace of Versailles feel, so I decided to really go with that design and incorporate other regal elements onto the cake also. The billows at the bottom were meant to reflect a ball gown, the scrollwork was to mimic the pattern of a tiara, the ruffles on the top, along with the rose helped to soften the pattern on the extended tier and add a feminine touch. But everything was designed around the pattern.

I used the Spellbinders Sweet Accents Garden Lattice embosser, fondant, gumpaste and a LOT of pearls and gold luster dust! What is your favorite thing about this cake (cookie/cupcake)? My favorite thing about this cake was the pattern on the extended tier and the billows. Those 2 elements took the longest, but had the most dramatic effect.

This cake was so much fun to create, and it was such an honor to have the opportunity to participate in this contest! Thank you Cake Central and Icing Images, for asking me to be a part of it!

Bliss Pastry

Kristen Erich – blisspastry.com

Upon opening the box my initial reaction was oh no what have I gotten myself in to?! I had no idea what to do with all of the boards and cutters and embossers. I watched the video which was included and it had so many cool tips and tricks and gave me the confidence to get to work!

I really love the Asian Accents die cutters because they remind me of stringwork so that was the pattern I gravitated towards right away. The different ways to mix the patterns was very appealing to me and I was reminded of a shirt I used to have that was multi colored and loosely sewn in a very similar pattern. So I decided to layer the patterns and colors to be more textile in appearance.

My biggest challenge was working in high humidity and with dark colored icing sheets. The pick tool was invaluable as I worked with some intricate die cutters. I really wanted to show the output of the machine and the die cutters in their pure form so used them in a very simple way.

I love that the Sweet Accent machine allows you to cut very intricate patterns that would take much longer if using any other tool or technique. I love that in one direction it looks like stringwork yet combined in a different way makes a completely new pattern. Any other notes- Having used intricate patterns for the first time with really not much instruction I think it is safe to say that cake designers of any skill level can easily use this machine. I look forward to using it more and discovering different applications for the designs.

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