Beautiful Bridal Gown-Inspired Wedding Cakes By You

Every wedding has a unique style and story. Learn how to capture the essence of the event in an unforgettable bridal gown-inspired cake. Join me, Rachael Teufel, in my new online Craftsy class, Cake Design Made Simple: The Wedding Dress.


Here are 3 essentials tips to get you started with any wedding cake:

1. Once you have your cake sketch, review design specifics with your client to ensure that everyone’s expectations are on the same page.

2. Buy the cheapest tulle for cake decorating. The fibers will make a much more defined impression than the expensive stuff.

3. For clients with lace gowns, ask them to save lace pieces from their alterations. You can use these to make lace molds and personalize the design.

CCDRT_06_Embellishments026_retouchedWhen you join me in class, I’ll guide you through designing three types of wedding cakes: a literal gown translation, a gown-inspired design, and a cake that encompasses many aspects of the event and its decor.

In your first lesson, we’ll discuss how to communicate with your clients and gather the information you need to design the cake of their dreams. I’ll help you deconstruct the different elements of the gown and other inspiration items to recreate them in a well-designed cake sketch.

CCDRT_Hero086_retouchedNext, we’ll start on the decorations. I’ll teach you how to mimic satin and tulle fabrics in modeling chocolate, and create elegant blossoms with these textures as well! You’ll also learn my techniques for making your own sequins and adding shimmery color to form pearls and rhinestones.

Once the decorations are complete, you’ll learn how to carve and ice both the wavy skirt and tapered bodice from the literal gown translation design. We’ll even cover how to replicate soft, layered ruffles and beaded floral embellishments in breathtaking cake fashion! Plus, you’ll use my design process to create a cake that’s inspired by, but not an exact replica of, the gown.


In addition, I’ll walk you through the steps I use to create cakes that encompass all the inspiration that the client has to offer: the gown, flowers, invitations, monograms, and more. You’ll use these items to make adornments such as ribbon roses and lifelike feathers.

CCDRT_05_Skirt_Details_and_Assembly081_retouchedTowards the end of class, I’ll teach you how to recreate trendy fabrics like burlap and lace with modeling chocolate. When you enroll in Cake Design Made Simple: The Wedding Dress for just $29.99, you’ll also learn how to form bridal gown details such as ruching, sashes, and bows.

My love of cake design has evolved from a lifelong passion for art. After exploring painting, sculpting, and glass blowing, I eventually discovered that cake decorating was my creative calling. The beauty of cake decorating is that there is always something new to create . . . a different style, a new texture, or an intriguing combination of colors.

As the owner of Intricate Icings Cake Design, I am constantly challenged to draw inspiration from my clients and transform it into edible art, which means I am continually growing as a designer. I’ve used my design approach to take home the grand prize on Food Network Challenge, and my work has been featured in several top magazines like Brides and Cake Central Magazine.

Now, I’m excited to share the details of my design process with you in my Craftsy class, which will be yours to enjoy forever. That means you can pause, rewind, and rewatch every move as many times as you’d like, while progressing at your pace. You can also ask me questions if you get stuck, and I’ll happily help you get going again with confidence. Plus, with Craftsy’s high-definition video, you’ll see and hear every concept clearly. I know you’re going to find my class informative and inspiring, but if for any reason you aren’t satisfied, you can return it for a full refund.

Enroll in Cake Design Made Simple: The Wedding Dress for 25% off, and express the defining details of any wedding with a picture perfect cake.

Are you working on any cakes this wedding season? Tell me about them!