Sketch to Cake: Melanie Mangrum’s Beatrix Potter Cake


Want to know more about the stunning Beatrix Potter-inspired cakes in Cake Central Magazine’s baby shower issue?

When we saw Melanie Mangrum’s adorable sketch accompanying her cake, we knew that we had to share with you what she said about making it.

Melanie Mangrum Cakes


“When I was notified by Cake Central and asked to submit a cake based off of ‘The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes,’ I have to admit that I had never heard of it. My first step was to get the book and read it. After reading the story, I was mostly moved by the beautiful, soft illustrations. I knew right away that my cake would somehow involve a tree or trees. That is where the idea for the bottom tier came from. I also wanted to have tiers that had the same soft, painted look that Beatrix Potter’s illustrations had. That’s why I hand painted the top two tiers of the cakes using the books illustrations as inspiration. I planned all along to make Timmy Tiptoes and his wife. I wanted them to look realistic to the book, but didn’t want them to be merely flat pieces of gumpaste. I decided to add royal icing with a paintbrush to give them the look of soft fur. I let it dry and then hand painted them. I may not have known the story ‘Tale of Timmy Tiptoes’ in the beginning, but now I will treasure the story and forever remember it.” — Melanie Mangrum


Melanie Mangrum (MelaMang75) runs Melanie Mangrum Cakes in Greencastle, IN, US. To see more pictures of her Beatrix Potter cake, be sure to download the June issue of Cake Central Magazine.

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