Friday Faves: Yoda, R2D2 and Han Solo

As editors of Cake Central magazine, we come across so many awesome, inspiring things while working. It’s no secret that there are quite a few sci-fi lovers at Cake Central Magazine, and we had so much fun looking at Star Wars cakes that we decided to share some of our favorites from this week.

Jackie’s Faves:


tchitwood might only just be starting out at cake decorating, but is already way ahead of the curve!  This cake is such a realistic and fantastic likeness of Yoda! I can’t wait to see what tchitwood comes up with next!


I know I have highlighted this Han Solo in carbonite cake by Atomikjen before, but I really enjoy it.  The LED lighting effects really make this cake worth a second and third look.

Andi’s Faves:


The details on this R2D2 cake are so crisp! The dapper bow tie around his neck adds the perfect finishing touch to fortheloveofcake11’s groom’s cake.


rcno’s Star Wars cake and cupcakes include some of the most iconic characters and images from the movie. The Death Star cake is amazing by itself, but the cupcakes take things to a whole new level of cute.


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