Cake Decorator Highlight: Wendy McGowan

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We love talking to the talented cake-makers who contribute to Cake Central Magazine. They come from diverse backgrounds, and hearing how they got started in cake decorating always inspires us. We wanted to share their backgrounds with you, and we’re starting with Wendy McGowan (wendywoo), one of the many creative decorators who made stunning jewel-toned stringwork cakes for the latest issue of Cake Central Magazine.

Growing up, Wendy cherished visiting her grandparents where she would get to watch her grandmother spend hours carefully creating cakes. When she was older, Wendy asked her grandmother to teach her the art, and she learned how to pipe icing and make beautiful cakes. She has since expanded her skills beyond what her grandmother taught her, but she credits her grandmother for introducing her to cake.

When Wendy decided to take her cake decorating to the next level and opened her own business, she named it Wendy Woo Cakes after the nickname her grandmother used for her. She wanted her business to reflect the warm feelings and fond family memories that her nickname brings to mind. Wendy Woo Cakes is located in Orlando, Florida, and you can find more information at


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To see more fabulous cakes, download a copy of Issue 3 of Volume 4 of Cake Central Magazine!

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