Cupcake Obsession-New 24-Hour Cupcake ATM!


Sprinkles in Beverly Hills came up with the amazing idea of a 24 hour cupcake ATM. (Come on Seattle…. jump on this bandwagon!)

The ACM (that’s Automated Cupcake Machine) debuted to such extreme HEAVY traffic, it couldn’t handle it and actually broke!

The machine has 600 cupcakes … but it was receiving over 1,000 sales a day!

Even though the machine is 24 hours, more people were staying in line for the ACM than actually go inside and order their treats in person. When the ACM broke, an engineer was quickly brought in to get it back up and running in two hours.

Now, Sprinkles has an employee watch over the machine to make sure nothing bad happens.


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actually its not giving up quality. as it stated above it holds 600 cupcakes and they are getting 1000 per day sold so the cupcake is not even in there for 24 hours. Its not like a bag of candy that sits there for weeks.


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For those of us old enough to remember and living in the NY city area this brings back memories of the AutoMate


SPODN...I was thinking the same thing (1st comment) I read the whole thing & couldn't make any sense of it. Anyway I have mixed views on the machine itself.