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Reviews by: Aunt Tillty

2 in 1 ~ great product


Pros: sturdy, great height, combo purpose

Cons: slick turntable surface like most others

I have this and absolutely LOVE it.  I can pack an uniced cake in it, transport and then decorate it all with the same piece of equipment.  Turntable can be placed securely ON TOP of the lid bringing the cake much higher for easier decorating.  The height of the lid makes it easy to transport a fully decorated cake without fear of the lid damaging any decorations.  For the slick turntable issue, I just use the rubber matting that I've used on every turntable I own so really no issue at all.  It's pricey but there are craft stores where you can get it @40 -60% off with coupon.  Enjoy!
Cake Central › Aunt Tillty › Reviews by Aunt Tillty