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Best Mixer Ever!!!


Pros: Stable, good power for heavy dough

Cons: Cover Shield is wonky

I had an older kitchen Aide mixer that I burneoud out with making bread dough. It served me well for 20+ years. I got this one as a present from my husband. After I reviewed all the KA models available this one had teh size and teh power I needed for the tasks I perform.  It lives up to all of it's hype! It will mix and knead Brioche dough, Marzipan and any heavy dough you can throw at it. I make triple batches of heavy cake decorating icing with ease. The attachements are great with the exception of the new pouring/cover shield that I find hard to keep on. I would have preferret the coated rather than the burnished dough and paddles as well but why be picky?. I recomend that you...
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Cake Central › Joyesse › Reviews by Joyesse