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Reviews by: SherylB

Makes it easy and stress free to level and torte a cake layer perfectly every time.


Pros: Blade doesn't twist, ruler guides, sturdy and well made. Precision cutting for a great cake structure.

Cons: Have to watch out for the very sharp blade, after a year I had one plastic knob crack from tightening too much. (Replacement was cheap though)

I have the large double bladed one and I use it on every cake now!  I used to stress out trying to make sure all my layers were level and to the same height for all layers of the cake.  The ruler guides on this tool help you adjust the height of the blade, and if you have the double bladed one, you can torte at the same time.  It can also be set to cut layers at a angle too.  Great tool!
Cake Central › SherylB › Reviews by SherylB