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Reviews by: BarbVanHorn

Love this organizer!


Pros: Lots of space, adjustable dividers, food color organizer with insert

Cons: Hinges are cheap and "catch" as you open the largest bin.

I absolutely love this!  I got it about 6 months ago and wish I had gotten it 2 years ago.  It is big enough for me to put all my heavy use items in it so that when caking time rolls around I only have 1 thing to grab from the pantry instead of making multiple trips back and forth as I work.  There are bins to organize your colors, smoother, gumpaste tools, brushes, dusts, small rolling pin and cutters, and it even has "holsters" for your spatulas on the outside.  It is worth every penny.
Cake Central › BarbVanHorn › Reviews by BarbVanHorn