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Love it!


Pros: Dependable product that gives me peace of mind. Flexible sizing.

Cons: Don't like the "tab" that sticks up on the base.

We purchased the professional stacker system for a 5 tier cake.  It was a blessing!  Could not have delivered it put together without it and there wasn't a place to put it together at the venue.  We now use it on all cakes 3 tier and over.  We also used it on our ice cream cone cake demo for our ICES DOS.  It is very versatile.  We have even used it as a cupcake stand before my hubby made a set for me.     The stacker came with a LOT of little pieces.  We purchased a small see through tackle box and organized everything.  That really helps!   The bases come with this little tab on it to lift the cake up that I don't care for, but...
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Cake Central › inspiredbymom › Reviews by inspiredbymom