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Great for small cakes


Pros: easily adjustable, cuts well for the price

Cons: wire breaks eventually, there is a small hump in the very center or the cake after leveled

I used these for years, and still have a couple. I bought about 5 over the years, mostly because they are so insubstantial, I would lose them! They work plenty well enough for a hobby, but will not cut through a crust, or a large cake. I got around this by placing the wire up against the cake, and cutting it with a knife, then the wire would cut all the way through. And to cut a large cake, you can use this to score and cut the first few inches all the way around the cake, then use the cuts to guide a long knife the rest of the way through.   I did have one that the wire broke, but I fixed it by replacing the wire with a piece of thin wire, by just measuring, then looping the...
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super cute, but fragile


Pros: super cute

Cons: hard to store, breaks easily. holds very few, holds uneven amount

I like this stand a lot, but it is fragile. It bends quite easily, and the top piece that holds a single cupcake broke off. We tried solder and super glue, but it keeps popping off now. Since it holds so few, I set it in the middle of a large platter, and fill the platter with additional cupcakes. Looks nice, once I re-bend all the pieces back to where they belong.

complete waste of money


Pros: lots of colors?

Cons: they don't work!

these came in the mail dry, and I tried to revive them with airbrush colors, and it worked for about 10 seconds, before they were dry again. I tried some vodka and regular gel colors too, since they were already ruined, and it it lasted about 15 seconds. Both methods I took the cap off one side, and stuck it in the color for 3 days, just for 10-15 seconds of coloring I think the dark green one was the only one that worked, at all. 
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