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  • Doll Cake I used a 12, 10, 9 and 7 inch cake to make the skirt. I made ying yang shaped pieces...
  • Coral Wedding cake
  • tiger lily wedding cake
  • oval cake with sea shells rolled fondant and fondant shells
  • large coral wedding cake
  • Easter Cookies
  • Wedding Party in Cookies sugar cookies, iced in royal icing, popcycle sticks attached to the backs give support.
  • skylers christening cake royal icing and gum paste decoration
  • Blue with silver dragees white cake with blue french butter cream icing
  • Lemon Poppy Seed with lemon frosting
  • Boston Cream Cupcakes yellow cupcakes with pastry cream in the center, then dipped in ganache
  • seven minute frosting on coconut cup cakes
  • chocolate souffle cup cake a tasting for a bride and groom.flourless chocolate cake and a fluffy chocolate frosting
  • carrot cup cakes with a seashore theme
  • Tarpon Grooms cake 9 inch layers of chocolate cake. I used a metal cake stand center post to give this cake some extra...
  • red velvet
  • tulip cake
  • green jacket, Masters
  • easter cupcake tower
  • coral and shells
  • cup cake wedding cake
  • red flowers and nmonogram
  • pattern florida house 1
  • Gingerbread Barn I painted all the pieces with royal icing and let the dry. This was really an easy house to make.....
  • Gingerbread House With Gold This is an old pattern from a Wilton book I've been making it for over 30 years this is the...
  • chihuly cheesecake made for a benifit. I made 3 different cheesecakes, cut them, dipped the pieces in white chocolate and then made...
  • tray of new years eve centerpieces mostly pulled and blown sugar, pastilage.
  • the snow queen pulled sugar, blown sugar, gumpaste figure.
  • heart tuxedo 15 inch heart cake chocolate rolled fondant,
  • Jay and Laci's Wedding Cake Rolled Fondant and buttercream. pulled Sugar spirlals and sugar balls,
  • Heart Shaped with royal icing fans and White choc. bells
  • Oval Wedding Cake Chocolate Ganache. Royal Icing Fiigree.
  • boxes with bow rolled fondant and gumpaste bows
  • Christmas Birthday Cake Boxes
  • umbrella
  • Blue Torah
  • Wedding Cake Rolled Fondant with luster dust and gum paste butterflys  Royal Iicing Piped Bamboo
  • You're How Old? Sheet Cake All Buttercream Out lined and then filled in and then out lined again. Free hand Ghost Guys are...
  • Jeep Cake Red Butter Cream Jeep. Cut and Stacked. 12 servings
  • Chocolate and Sugar Top Hat Chocolate Top Hat with Sugar Accents
  • Horse Sculpture Grooms Cake, Air Brushed, Spun Sugar Tail and Mane
  • Florida Gingerbread House
  • Round Boxes

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