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  •  Grill Birthday Cake  Made this out of classic buttercream and chocolate buttercream. The hotdogs, hamburgers, and flames are made out of fondant. Fudge cake...
  •  Scooby Fbct   My first try at shaping a cake and FBCT. Just having fun. Please don't judge, hehehe!!!!
  •  Wilton Course 2 Cake   White cake with class buttercream
  •  Chevy Birthday Cake   Practicing using Color Flow, I am still in Wilton Course 2. This is a black walnut cake with ablack walnut filling. Icing is buttercream.
  •  My First Fondant And 3 Layer Stacked Cake!!!!  I am proud of this cake. It was my first time making a layered cake with fondant! Actually, this is my first 3 layer cake! It is...
  •  Just Practicing   Used the buttercream dream for the first time. Seemed very soft!!!!
  •  Final Cake Wilton Course 1   The cake turned out okay since it broke and fell into tiny pieces. I had to glue it together. Also, I need to work on my shells!
  •  Wilton Course 1 Cake 2   Did okay on this cake. The shells are a little tricky.
  •  Course One First Cake  I think this cake turned out pretty good for the first cake in the wilton class. I have decorated a few before, but this is my first during...

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