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  •  Playboy Cake   This cake is one layer chocolate and one layer vanilla- filled with strawberry puree filling.
  •  Love Stars   Chocolate cake filled with chocolate creme mousse.
  •  Purple Bikini Cake   I made this in a 32 Degree kitchen with icing melting.. it was touch and go for a bit! Golden Cake with vanilla creme in the centre.
  •  Anniversary Vanilla Sugar Cookies   I made these cookies for my parents who are going on over 40 years married
  •  Yellow Flowers Cake   Buttercream and fondant covering a yellow gold cake.
  •  Mini Cake With Purple Daisies   Chocolate cake with cherry filling, and covered in purple daisies.
  •  Yingyang.jpg   This cake is two peices.. Dark mocha chocolate cake.
  •  Triangle Flower Cake   Just something different... in the shape of a triangle.
  •  Lemon Zest Sugar Cookies   Sugar cookies flooded and tied with ribbons. A gift for my neice's birthday.
  •  Gingerbread Selection   Rich Gingerbread covered with royal icing decorations.
  •  Mother's Day Cupcake   This bright and flowery cupcake was designed for Mother's Day. Colored fondant flowers increamy vanilla icing.
  •  Bridal Shower Cupcakes   These cupcakes were made for a cupcake tree placed at a bridal shower. The flowers are made of fondant.
  •  Poker Table Cake   Poker Table Cake. All decorations were made of fondant. This cake was so much fun to make, and rendered everyone speechless!

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