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  •  The Evolution Of Little Red Riding Hood: One Cake, Many Looks
  •  First Laser Tag Cake  I can't take credit for the splatter effect...I've seen that technique used on some popular cakes on the web and finally had a...
  •  Teamwork: Hubby Did Cupcakes, I Carved The Eiffel Tower, Freehand  I have never carved chocolate before, so this was my first stab at it. I was fearful when asked, but my husband is the best motivator :-)...
  •  Carnival Theme: Cupcakes As Spectators  I used plastic foam/tag board(? I forget the didn't have foam but it could be used in the save manner) to create the...
  •  Practice: You'll Never Guess What's Underneath  I wanted to practice ruffles, so...I did. Lesson: Make sure ruffles are flush with top edge of the cake being covered. Tip: every 3rd or...
  •  Texans Vs. Broncos (Fall 2012)  Lesson: Now that I know about tappits, I think I might use that for numbers, and gumpaste for stripe on tights, rather than the marker. But...
  •  Slot Machine Cake: Can A Fan's Mechanisms Become A Working Slot Wheel? Why, Yes!
  •  A Gift To A Friend: Ganache Covered, Chocolate Stout Cake, And My First Magnolia
  •  Album Of Firsts: Of Zelda...steampunk   The budget for this cake was $65.00 so really had to keep it simple.
  •  Operation: Pets Alive Fundraiser
  •  Yo, Gabba Gabba!
  •  Justin Bieber Cake: Trying My Hand At Cake Carving/sculpting (January 2013)  (January 2013) A good friend loved Justin Bieber and all she asked for was the cake he was holding, but I decided to practice cake carving...

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