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  • Queen of Hearts Queen of Hearts Inspiration Challenge set. Decorated with RI
  • (Mexican) Summer Sun
  • Colorful cookies - Puppies and Flowers! I just simply adore these beautiful colors!When I saw the shape of the enamel patchwork puppy, for me it was...
  • Year Of The Horse Beautiful Colors Those Of The Board Of Pinterest Vanilla Cookies With Royal Icing Year of the Horse. Beautiful colors those of the board of pinterest ;-). Vanilla Cookies with Royal Icing.
  • Christmas Collection 2013 Snowflake
  • Sugar Skulls For The Dia De Los Muertos Inspiration Challenge Did You Know That In Mexico The Dia De Los Muertos Day They Give Away Su Sugar skulls for the Dia de los Muertos Inspiration Challenge - Did you know that in Mexico the "Dia de...
  • When color doesn't matter This is one of the most beautiful cookie work I've done. Love messages in braille [LOVE, I love you]. I...
  • This Is Was Came To My Mind For The Inspiration Challenge Of Little Red Riding Hood My Family Was Eager To Eat The Cookies Before Taking Th This is was came to my mind for the Inspiration Challenge of Little Red Riding Hood. My family was eager...
  • Some sunny colors Honey cookies  decorated with royal Icing.
  • Firework Cookies and more This was fun!... Decorated cookies with Royal Icing for Inspiration Challenge 12: Firework Cookies.. I could not look just for...
  • Butterfly Fairies - 3d-cookies Fairies - Enchanted Forest Inspiration
  • My Enchanted Forest Inspiration My Enchanted Forest Inspiration  ;-)
  • Cookies in a Jar Buttons? Cookies?...Cookies in a jar :-)

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