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  • purple and ruffles A pretty young lady who just turned 18 deserves a special cake. This cake design was adapted from one of...
  • Monster High Cake Ynah, the birthday celebrator is a huge fan of monster high. I thought that I would be able to finish...
  • Ysai @12 first time to make a tiara cake topper, It is made of modeling chocolate and used baroque mold for the...
  • A Simple Birthday Cake I Made For My Daughter Chocolate Cake Filled With White Chocolate Ganache Covered With Fondant Over Milk Chocolate G A simple birthday cake I made for my daughter. Chocolate cake filled with white chocolate ganache covered with fondant over...
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  • I Named This Cake Rush Cake I Was Asked To Make A Cake Thursday In Or Around 4 In The Afternoon Jan 22 Of This Year And Have To Pick I named this cake "rush cake"  I was asked to make a cake Thursday , in or  around 4 in...
  • Gold And Semi Naked Cakeno Fondantthis Is My Last Cake For Year 2014 Its A Chocolate Cake Covered With Milk Chocolate Ganache I Call It Gold and semi naked cake(no fondant)This is my last cake for year 2014. it's a chocolate cake covered with milk...
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  • Chocolate Cake Covered With Fondant Over Milk Chocolate Ganache Cake Size 68 10 Inches By 3 Inches High The Designs Silhouette Images  chocolate cake covered with fondant over milk chocolate ganache. Cake size = 6,8 10 inches by 3 inches high. the...
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  • Picmonkey Collage Cake Display
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  • Rapunzeltangledthis Cake Took My Whole Day Almost Two Days Rather To Finished The Cake A Purple Yam Cake With Creamcheese And Coconut Rapunzel/Tangled..this cake took my whole day, almost two days, rather, to finished the cake. A purple yam cake with creamcheese...
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  • Vanilla Cake Filled With Apricot And Orange Marmalade Infused With Dry Vermouth And White Chocolate Ganache And Finally Covered With Vanilla Vanilla cake filled with apricot and orange marmalade infused with dry vermouth and white chocolate ganache and finally covered with...
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  • Hi May I Share My Frozen Cake I Know That This Cake I Made Isnt Beautiful Just Like The Other Frozen Theme Cake Here In Cake Central But Hi, may I share my frozen cake, I know that this cake I made  isn't beautiful just like the other...
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  • Hello This Is My Second Time To Bake A Wedding Cake All Three Tiers Has Different Flavorsbottom Tier Is Red Velvet Cake Middle Is Orange Hello! this is my second time to bake a wedding cake. All three tiers has different flavors,Bottom tier is Red...
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  • Car Cake 1
  • Picmonkey Collage1
  • My First Time To Make Barney Theme Cake Chocolate Cake With Buttercream Frosting With Chocolate Ganache And Mmf Balloons Were Made Fro My first time to make barney theme cake.  Chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, with chocolate ganache and MMF.  Balloons were...
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  • The Cake Idea Is From White Crafty Cakes A Huge Thanks From Me To You the cake idea is from White Crafty Cakes, a huge thanks from me to you!
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  • Ive Been Practicing This Royal Icing Brush Embroidery Technique It Is My Second Time To Do This Still It Isnt Good Enough But I Am Pr I've been practicing this royal icing brush-embroidery technique.. It is my second time to do this, still it isn't good...
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  • Purple Yam Cake 10round 4highwith Coconut Filling And Cream Cheese Frosting This Is My Most Loved Cake And Simplest Design That Ive Ma Purple Yam Cake (10"round 4'high)with coconut filling and cream cheese frosting. This is my most loved cake and simplest design...
  • Mocha Chiffon Cake 10x4 And Cupcakes With Smbc Icing Covered With Fondant Mocha Chiffon Cake (10"x4") and cupcakes. With SMBC icing covered with fondant.
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  • My Very First Wedding Cake Each Tier Has Diff Flavor Sizes Are 12 10 8 6 4high With Edible Sugar Flowers Whew I Did My Homework H My very first wedding cake. Each tier has diff. flavor.  sizes are 12-10-8-6" 4"high. With edible sugar flowers. Whew!!  I...
  • My Mini Cake Apricot Orange Cake And Vanilla Caramel Cake 3x3 my mini cake. Apricot Orange cake and Vanilla Caramel cake (3x3)
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  • 8in Round Cake 45 Deep Cake Topper Is 3d Sugar Paste Hello Kitty 4 In Height It Is A Chocolate Flavored Cake With Chocolate Smbc With 8"in round cake 4.5 deep. Cake topper is 3d sugar paste Hello Kitty (4" in height), it is a chocolate...
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  • Cake 2012 1
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  • Chocolate Cake
  • Red Velvet Cake Red Velvet Cake
  • 5050 Sugar Paste First Time To Use My Airbrush Did Not Achieved The Color That How I Would Like It To Be Anyways There Is Always Sec 50/50 sugar paste.  First time to use my airbrush. Did not  achieved the color that how I would like it...
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  • Shoppers

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