Retail Manager/Cake Decorator
Orlando US
Cooking, Baking, Travel, Disney/Theme Parks



rlancto - Rian Lancto

Living in Orlando, Florida...have my own side business, "Cakes By Rian"...loving life in the theme park capital of the world!

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  • Minion Cake Minion Cake for a Graduation.
  • Cascading Hibiscus Cake with a tropical theme.  Cascading Hibiscus flowers.
  • Ted Cake Ted the Bear in his grocery worker apron.
  • Chocolate Brownie Cake Cake made from brownie batter and chocolate buttercream
  • Winter Theme Sweet 16 Winter/Frozen Theme Sweet 16
  • Whale Cupcakes Whale Cupcakes for Baby Shower
  • Harry Potter Cake 6" Mini Harry Potter Cake with Sorting Hat and Scarf
  • Vintage Suitcase 12" square leather vintage suitcase.
  • Chanel Gift Box 8" square chocolate cake.  Chanel gift box cake.
  • Michael Kors Handbag Cake Vanilla cake with strawberry filling.  Michael Kors leather handbag cake.
  • Hamburger cake 3 layer 8" chocolate and confetti cake.  Burger themed with fondant decorations.
  • Dozen Cinderella Cupcakes With Fondant Toppersbird Wand Spool And Needle Pumpkin Pumpkin Coach And Clock Dozen Cinderella Cupcakes with Fondant Toppers...Bird, Wand, Spool and Needle, Pumpkin, Pumpkin Coach and Clock
  • Cakes I Have Made
  • Random Other Cakes I Have Made Lorax Cupcakes, candy mustache and eyes
  • Part Of A Lorax Cake I Am Making The Truffula Tree Part of a Lorax cake I am making, the truffula tree
  • Dragon Figure *Cute dragon I made from Fondant and Gum Paste
  • Wedding Wedding Cupcake & Cake Tower...Shades of Tan, Chocolate, and White.
  • Wilton Mickey Fan Wilton Mickey Fan