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  •  Snoopy Flying House  Takeoff at last!!Snoopy once again lifts up in it’s “dreams” ! :)3 Kg Pineapple cake on the house.About 35cm...
  •  Simply Mickey   Just a simple cake for little 3 years old mickey loverGive I’m his “happy birthday” and a blink ;)
  •  Marie   Modeling by Pirikos Cake Design, in Sugar Paste
  •  Skipping Minion Cake  What do Minions love !? Banana cake!!so this is a Banana and chocolate cake with chocolate filling.So here's a Minion cake (All cake...
  •  Peter Pan's Tree House   Peter Pan as Made a tree house for his friend, the birthday boy!A Cake for 30 at 30 cm from the base on a tree.
  •  Noddy   Simply a noddy cake!
  •  Fozen's Olaf Cake  The cake on top of a snow crystal along side Anna and Elsa. Chocolate cake with sweet caramel filling for the body and Vanilla cake with...
  •  Shabby Chic   Shabby Chic proposal for wedding cake
  •  Barcarola  A little peek of one of our cakes published in "Admirável Mundo do Cake Design" We hope you like it! Um pedacinho de...
  •  Madagascar   4 Cakes for a Madagascar themed party.
  •  To A Monty Python Fan What Else Then The Foot   To a Monty Python Fan, What else then the FOOT!?
  •  Today Is A Very Special Day For Us Its Been 6 Years Since We Discovered The Magic Of Parenthood This Is The Cake We Made For Our Little  Today is a very special day for us. It's been 6 years since we discovered the magic of parenthood. This is the cake we made for our...
  •  Minion On A Pogo Stick Cake  This is a very special cake made for our son’s third birthday on it’s also our second anniversary doing cakes. It&...