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  • Disney Princess  This is a five tiers cake with all her favorite princesses!!  I used a lot of wafer paper to add...
  • Dsc 0687jpg
  • My Sons Favorite Movie Is Aristocats Hes In Love With Edgars Noisy Motorcycle And Those Two Silly Dogs So Didnt Had Any Choice My son's favorite movie is Aristocats.  He's in love with Edgar's noisy motorcycle... and those two silly dogs :)  So,...
  • Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda cake.  Fondant and gumpaste figurines.
  • Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda cake.  Fondant and gumpaste figurines.
  • Christmas Gift Wrapped In Modeling Chocolate christmas gift, wrapped in modeling chocolate.
  • Modeling Chocolate Little Elf Modeling chocolate little Elf!
  • Inspired By Ice Clearness Sparkling Snowflakes Delicacy Of Figure Skating Dresses And Gracefull Movements Of Ice Skaters I Used Gumpaste Inspired by ice clearness, sparkling snowflakes, delicacy of figure skating dresses and gracefull movements of ice skaters. I used gumpaste,...
  • Hot Dog 14 inches hot dog!  All cake :)
  • Girl baptism Buttercream covered cake with fondant and wafer paper flowers.
  • Rainbow minion A rainbow minion for a lovely 2 years old girl!
  • Fall Wedding Cake Cake Covered In Modeling Chocolate Leaves Are Made In Wafer Paper Fall wedding cake.  Cake covered in modeling chocolate.  Leaves are made in wafer paper.
  • Baby Tv Themed Cake For His First Birthday Gumpaste And Modeling Chocolate Characters Baby tv themed cake for his first birthday!  Gumpaste and modeling chocolate characters.
  • Gumpaste Owl Hand Painted Gumpaste owl, hand-painted.
  • Romantic Ruffle Wedding Cake With A Touch Of Red For A Very Romantic Bride Romantic ruffle wedding cake with a touch of red.  For a very romantic bride.
  • Cars Cupcake Toppers Made With Fondant Cars Cupcake toppers.  Made with fondant.
  • 2014 05 24 Fetebobby25 Pickup Web
  • Hello Kitty Mary Kay Make Up And Mini Cupcakes All Edible Hello Kitty, Mary Kay make up and mini-cupcakes!  All edible.
  • Fondant Unicorn On A Smbc Covered Cake Fondant unicorn on a SMBC covered cake.
  • Rapunzel Cake Edible Character Made In Fondant Rapunzel cake, edible character made in fondant.
  • Edible Barbie Doll Cake The Doll Is Made In Fondant And The Cake Is Covered With Smbc With Few Fondant Details I Dont Like To Put Non Edible Barbie doll cake.  The doll is made in fondant and the cake is covered with SMBC, with few fondant...
  • Fondant Figure On A Smbc Covered Cake For The Face Of The Mermaid I Use A Silicone Mold That I Made Myself With Sillicone Putty My Firs Fondant figure on a SMBC covered cake.  For the face of the mermaid, i use a silicone mold that i...
  • Angry Birds Fondant Characters And Slink Shot I Really Had Fun To Create This One I Love Those Little Green Pigs Angry Birds!  Fondant characters and slink-shot.  I really had fun to create this one! I love those little green pigs...
  • My First Wedding Cake Romantic And Art Deco Inspiration Gumpaste Flowers My first wedding cake!! Romantic and Art-deco inspiration.  Gumpaste flowers.
  • Hula Minion My favorite minion : )  Vanilla cake, caramel SMBC with an extra salted caramel filling!
  • Puppy in a box For my little sister's birthday.  She always wanted to received a little puppy in a gift box... I made her...
  • Cupid Puppy Valentine's day special cake for little kids! Fondant and gumpaste decorations.  Chocolate and strawberries!
  • Construction Zone Cake For My Son All Edible The Challenge Was To Build An Excavator That The Plow Could Stay Up In The Air Made It W construction zone cake for my son.  all edible.  the challenge was to build an excavator that the plow could stay...
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Eeyore Cake For A Friend Of Mine Celebrating Her 30th Birthday Eeyore cake for a friend of mine celebrating her 30th birthday!
  • New Year Cake I Wanted To Create A Colorful But Elegant Design Its A Lavender Flavoured Cake With A French Vanilla Buttercream My Favor New Year cake, I wanted to create a colorful but elegant design.  It's a lavender flavoured cake with a french...
  • Christmas Bunny Mister Bunny is waiting for Santa!  All hand made fondant decorations.
  • Dsc 0423 Fb
  • Last nightmare before christmas It's a chocolate cake with a dark chocolate ganache... for chocolate lovers!  Jack is in fondant and hand-painted... i guess...
  • Dsc 0378jpg
  • teapot and flowers This is a chai tea and chocolate cake with a dark chocolate ganache.  Freehand piping with royal icing. Gumpaste roses...
  • Dsc 0418 150dpi
  • Dsc 0412 Fb
  • Princess Cake For A 2 Years Old Princess Princess cake for a 2 years old princess :)
  • Gingerbread men trashed christmas

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