Dolca Llepolia
Dolca Llepolia

Dolca Llepolia

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  • Pool Party Cake pool party with dolls Pullip 100% edibles.
  • Cake Blythe for Alba Ice cream cake shaped and custom Blythe doll as the birthday
  • Pullip Miau Love Modeled doll Pullip with chocopan
  • Cake pool party
  • Alice painted with Candy Melts Hello friends, this is a different way to do without spending the fondant decorations. All I have done drawings painted...
  • Cake daffodils This cake emerged from an illustration of Ruth Morehead.
  • Cake Blythe Lollipop 100 Edible Cake Blythe Lollipop, 100% edible.
  • Cake portrait of Alba In this pastel illustration I designed and then hand paint.
  • Cake ilustrated  Cake ilustrated 100% hand painted
  • Cake bubble Blythee This cake covered with fondant, is toper Blythe doll edible chocolate paste and a gelatin bubbles.
  • Easter bird cake Bird cake with fondant and gum paste peonies
  • Cake traveling Ana
  • Doll Blythe edible