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  • Little Mermaid Cake Little Mermaid Cake with all Fondant or Modeling Chocolate Decorations.
  • Tree Of Love Cake Wheat Free Carrot Cake All Chocolate Decorations Including Tree And Flowers Tree of Love Cake - Wheat Free Carrot Cake - All Chocolate Decorations, including tree and flowers!
  • Loads of Happy Birthday Sports Balls *
  • Monkey Bananas Cake - Natural Dyes All Chocolate Decorations, including wrap side panels on box of cake.  All Natural Dyes and flavors.  Gluten Free cakes with...
  • Overflowing (with water and matter) Manhole Cake All Chocolate decorations!  Manhole cover is all chocolate, all overflowing "poop" is chocolate, letters and barrier tape are all chocolate!
  • Chocolate Wrap Orange Wedding Cake Chocolate Wrapped, Chocolate Decorations, Mandarin Orange Cake
  • Bus Driver Retires at 85 to Garden All Chocolate Handmade Decorations!
  • Cars Cake *
  • Modeling Chocolate Orange Bridal Cake ALL coverings and decorations are modeling chocolate (with the exception of the chocolate covered orange wedges in the chocolate cup...
  • Cross Easter Egg
  • 2
  • Fall Basket of Pumpkins and Leaves
  • Augusta Ghost Trolley