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  • Amerindian Cake Topper AileenSmall topper: 10cm tall; shoulders 7cm large.Entirely made with modeling chocolate (brand: PAVONI) and my other favorite medium rice paper.
  • Rice Paper Dress - Flowing Ballerina A modeling chocolate flowing ballerina.  Wanted to bring to life the movement i saw during a ballet show.
  • Yin & Yang LOVE Made this cake to show the beauty in true love with no boundaries.
  • FROZEN Doubble barrel cake. Tecniques used: rice paper, wafer paper, gelatine, rkt and modeling chocolate.
  • Its A Small World A Tribute To Children From Around The Globe To Celebrate Universal Childrens Day Honolulu Hawaii It’s a Small World: A tribute to children from around the globe » to celebrate Universal Children’s Day. - Honolulu...
  • Briar Beauty Ever After High Carved Cake With A Modeling Chocolate Figurine Briar Beauty (Ever After High) - carved cake with a modeling chocolate figurine
  • Have You Ever Seen A Dragon With Ruffles After 6h Of Patience My Dragon Shenron Made With Modeling Chocolate Is Finished Have you ever seen a dragon with ruffles?? After 6h of patience my dragon Shenron made with modeling chocolate is...
  • Dia de los Muertos - All Saint's Day on November 1st and 2nd Honoring this Mexican religious holiday celebrated on November 1 and 2 by commemorating our love for the ones who have...
  • Wall-e Wall-e figurine made with modeling chocolate, rkt and marzipan
  • Little lion: LEO Modeling chocolate figurine
  • Bikini Party Modeling Chocolate Figurine Bikini Party - modeling chocolate figurine
  • Communion Cake Victoria's Communion: Dark chocolate cakewith adrak chocolate ganache and praline. Covered with athin layer of modeling chocolate. Moth orchids figurine...
  • Country Style Cake Country cowgirl
  • Country Country inspired cake (entire made with modelling chocolate)
  • Dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher (modelling chocolate and rice paper)
  • Amerindian inspired cake Modelling chocolate cake and figurines
  • Kalyani (Amerindian chocolate doll) Modelling chocolate doll
  • MilyPat Cupcake topper for a friend (modelling chocolate)
  • Frangipani Flower TUTORIAL
  • Salon du Chocolat  The Salon du Chocolat is the not-to-be-missed event for those who share a passion for this exceptional product such as...
  • Swing Winter Bird Swing Winter Bird - made out of modelleing chocolate and wafer paper
  • Kalyani Indian beauty (TUTORIAL) Learn how to reproduce from scracth a modelling chocolate Indian inspired girl!Very detailed step by step tutorial CONTAINS:- 144 step...
  • Orchids (Moth) (Phaleanopsis) Moth orchids: Phaleanopsis
  • Li An Asian Beauty Princess Made Out Of Modelling Chocolate And Rice Paper Dress Li an Asian beauty princessMade out of modelling chocolate and rice paper (dress)
  • Quilling Wafer Paper Quilling Wafer Paper
  • Snowflake Modelling Chocolate And Wafer Paper To Celebrate My Birthday Snowflake (modelling chocolate and wafer paper) to celebrate my birthday

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