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  • KISS  cake KISS/Gene Simmons cake for KISS fans
  • sugar decoration for prom sugar decoration for prom
  • Very chocolate cake Chocolate cake with chocolate cake and chocolate ganache*see recipe here:
  • Chocolate cake with mascarpone and raspberries *the recipe is here:
  • Tiramisu wrapped in chocolate *
  • Kiss Army Cake; KISS cake KISS Army cake
  • My Latest Kiss B Day Cake My latest KISS B-day cake...
  • P1150014jpg
  • Baby cake Baby cake with sponge crust, creamy cream with orange peels and chocolate ganache
  • CAKE gift CAKE WITH CHOCOLATE crust, cream, berries and cream Stracciatella
  • Flower cake Flower cake with egg liqueur and sliced almonds
  • Strawberry cake Strawberry cake - A fresh and very nice suggestion for hot summer days
  • my KISS B-day cake my latest KISS Birthday cake
  • raspberry passion Cake with raspberries, chocolate  and  fluffy mousse
  • KISS cup cakes my first KISS muffins