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  •  2 Sided Birthday Cake Pirate And Princess Castle Design From The Royal Bakery   2 Sided Birthday Cake - Pirate and Princess.Castle design from The Royal Bakery.
  •  True Blood Theme   This cake was made for a True Blood themed Bachelorette Party.
  •  Fall Tree Cake   Fall inspired cake for Thanksgiving dinner.
  •  Camera Cake   Birthday cake for a photography buff!
  •  Blue Petal Effect   Piped icing with round tip.
  •  70 Birthday - Card Shark   This was made for a wonderful woman who LOVES cards, and dice games and CRAZY animal print!
  •  Back To School   A surprise for my kids!
  •  Monster Mummy   Original design by thecakemammas. Thought I would try for my second attempt at a fondant cake.
  •  Yellow Petal Effect Ombre Cake
  •  Petal Effect Cake In Teal   My first attempt at this type of effect.
  •  Purple Ombre   My first attempt at an Ombre cake.
  •  Tiffany Mini Cake   My second fondant cake. This was a design by Royal Bakery. The tutorial was very easy to follow.