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  • 3d Carved Owl I Made For A Little Girls Birthday Party Decorated With My Mmf 3D carved owl I made for a little girls birthday party. Decorated with my mmf.
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  • Simple Wedding Cake Covered With My Orange Flavored Mmf simple Wedding cake covered with my orange flavored MMF.
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  • All Hand Made For My Nieces Baby Shower all hand made for my niece's baby shower
  • 50th Birthday Birthday Cupcakes for a 50th birthday, everything hand/homemade. Chocolate peanut butter, filled with crunchy peanut filling & frosted with dark...
  • First Diaper Bag Cake My first time trying a diaper bag cake. Made for a friend.
  • 23rd anniversary 1st attempt @ making gelatin bubbles
  • The Great Pumpkin This is my first Halloween cake. I had never made candy clay before & just waned to try it. I...

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