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  •  Kiarra's Baby Shower   My daughter wanted a cake she saw a picture of for her baby shower.
  •  A Topper For My Brothers Grooms Cake The Shading Under The Eyes Isnt Dry Yet But Hopefully Wont Look Yellow Might Have To Touch It U  a topper for my brother's grooms cake. :) The shading under the eyes isnt dry yet, but hopefully wont look yellow. Might have to touch...
  •  Father/ Daughter Dinner Cake   I made this for a father/ daughter dinner. can't figure out why it shows up sideways, though. hmmm.
  •  Ashia's Wedding Cake  Oops. I actually uploaded this photoset yesterday, but erased some and added some new ones, and it recirculated it on the home page, sorry...
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  •  Cherpumple  It's an apple pie baked inside a spice cake, underneath a pumpkin pie baked inside a vanilla cake, under a cherry pie baked inside a...
  •  Princess Cake For Grace
  •  Carmel Turkeys Bacon Stuffing Cayenne Cake Vanilla Cream Cheese Buttercream   Carmel turkeys, bacon stuffing, cayenne cake, vanilla cream cheese buttercream. :)
  •  Cherpumple Is 3 Pies3 Cakes Baked Into One Top Layer Is Cherry Pie Baked Into A Chocolate Cake Middle Layer Is Pumpkin Pie Baked Into A  Cherpumple is 3 pies/3 cakes baked into one! top layer is cherry pie baked into a chocolate cake. Middle layer is pumpkin pie baked into a...
  •  Alex's Shark Cake   My son loves sharks, so put some on his birthday cake. :) TFL.
  •  Alex's Reeses Pupcakes  My son saw pictures of these in the galleries here on CC and wanted them for his birthday today. Thanks for the cute idea! He loves them...
  •  Muddy Boys In The Leaf Pile!   Made this for our church picnic. It is an Orange/pumpkin/carrot cake, with Orange cream cheese buttercream. TFL. :)