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  • Ktm Chocolate Cake Covered In Fondant And Airbrushed The Wheels Are 8 Cakes For Size Comparison KTM Chocolate cake covered in fondant and airbrushed.  The wheels are 8" cakes for size comparison.
  • Ocean Theme Ocean theme with large wave with 2 dolphins riding the wave, a killer whale, a large blue whale, an octopus...
  • My First Attempt At A Teapot Cake My first attempt at a teapot cake.
  • Jerry...almost 70 boss.  The theme was, "I'm not 70 yet".  Blue couch and a monster that was supposed to be shaped...
  • Magnum 44 Cake This Is Made From Rice Krispies And Covered In Fondant Magnum .44 Cake.  This is made from Rice Krispies and covered in fondant.
  • Img 20140610 071810 875
  • Screenshot 2014 06 07 23 58 06 Picsay
  • Img 20140607 173202 613
  • Top Front Angle View Of Military Tank Covered In Camo Fondant With Grad Sitting On Top Looking At A Computer Since He Likes Both Tanks And C Top front angle view of Military Tank covered in Camo Fondant with grad sitting on top looking at a computer...
  • Bri's Graduation Handmade flowers on a wire spray with silver leaves all on a full sheet surrounded with rhinestone mesh.
  • Brandon With 2014including His Football And His Longboard Longboard Is A Replica Of His Real Longboard And Made Of Wood Brandon with 2014...including his football # and his longboard!  Longboard is a replica of his real longboard and made of...
  • Candace's Super Hero Batman, Superman and Ghost Busters
  • Img 20140315 172400 332
  • Chalkboard Cake Chalkboard cake
  • 1st birthday, new lease on life after surviving cancer.
  • A Cake Made By Denise A cake made by Denise.
  • Img 20140202 122943 747 Picsay
  • Per Request Copy Of An Internet Med School Graduation Cake Per request, copy of an internet med school graduation cake.
  • Img 20140110 190907 444
  • Tropical Beach Retirement Tropical Beach Retirement
  • Frong Prince  Frog Prince Toad and 2 tree frogs and 3 party turtles set on sprayed on frosting with fondant lotus and...
  • D14
  • Ejpeg
  • Candle Warmer Template Royal Icing And Fondant Sprayed Yellow And Orange For A Burning Glow Effect Candle warmer template Royal Icing and Fondant sprayed yellow and orange for a burning glow effect
  • Abby Dalmatian Birthday Fire hydrant cake or humans and pumpkin peanut butter treats for dogs.
  • A14
  • Img 20130809 213157 330
  • Classic 60 The traditional wondermold cake in a not so traditional barbie body.  Had to remove head, arms, cover bust in black...
  • Img 20130830 215449 741
  • Rodeo Graduation Cake For A Rodeo Loving Graduate The Left Cake Is A Bull Although Hard To See Because Of It Being So Dark Had Trouble Rodeo graduation cake for a rodeo-loving graduate.  The left cake is a bull, although hard to see because of it...
  • Covered In Fondant And Detailed A Little Darker Than I Wanted But Oh Well Covered in fondant and detailed, a little darker than I wanted but, oh well.
  • A Basic Wondermold Doll Cake I Made For My Nieces Kindergarten Graduation Her Favorite Colors Are Pink And Purple I Did Make A Little Gr A basic wondermold doll cake I made for my nieces kindergarten graduation.  Her favorite colors are pink and purple.  I...
  • A Cake I Made For A Co Workers Husband Crap Youre Old Disgustingly Awesome A cake I made for a co-workers husband... "CRAP YOU'RE OLD!"DISGUSTINGLY AWESOME!!!
  • Red Shoe Box Cake With All The Shoes Surrounding It And The Red Gown On Bust Red Shoe box cake with all the shoes surrounding it and the red gown on bust.
  • Stiletto A cake I made for a couple of friends.  First practice on a shoe.  The high heel was difficult for...
  • Baby Shower Teddy Baby Teddy Bear cake I made.  White diaper with teddy grahm cookie design.  Copy of a figurine I bought my...
  • Motorcycle A bike cake I made for a little boy
  • Baby Bed Baby Shower Cake with fondant blanket, pillows and baby.  Customer wanted underwater/nemo theme so I drew seaweed on the blanket....
  • Cinderella Sorry another not clear cake due to lack of a good camera at the time.  Cinderella cake I raffled.
  • Bridal Shower Sorry it's not clear.  I didn't have a digital camera at the time.  I made the standard wondermold doll and...
  • Red & Pink A 22 layer cake for 11 tiers.  Ribbon is real.
  • Polar Wedding Wedding cake with two polar bears with whitewater swirl upward on layer of water, snow and iceberg.  Not your traditional...
  • Grandmas Quilt A fondant quilt cake for a friends mother.  Apparently this was her 80th birthday.  I made the cake and cut...
  • Tiger Graduation A Grad cake for a boy and girl from "Tigers" mascot school.  Diplomas are part of the scroll work made...
  • Cold Feet Grooms car cake
  • Twin Bassinet Bassinet Basket with Umbrella.  2 girl cake with Fondant Decoration including buttfly knot dresses.

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