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  • Bedroom/sleepover cake Vanilla sponge cake with chocolate fudge filling
  • Princess/crown cake  Princess/crown cake
  • Baby shower  Baby shower cake
  • Stilleto shoe cake  High heel cake
  • Baby shower cupcakes Baby shower cupcakes
  • Butterflycake  Butterflycake
  • Piano cake Piano cake for my daughters music teacher
  • Duck cake Duck cake for a little girls who loves feeding the ducks in the park
  • Pool table cupcakes Pool table cupcakes
  • M&M gravity cupcakes  Chocolate fudge M&Mgravity cupcakes
  • Engagement cupcakes  Matching engagement cupcakes
  • Engagement cake Dress engagement cake
  • Mini mouse Mini mouse 21st birthday cake
  • 21st birthday  Tiffany blue 21st birthday cake
  • iPhone  iPhone cake all apps hand made
  • Music  Chocolate fudge cake
  • Engagement cake Simple white cake
  • Gravity cake Chocolate fudge cake
  • Teapot cake This was my first teapot cake customer wanted pale colours the cake was CBC
  • Booties and buttons Chocolate biscuit cake for little girls christening
  • Ruffle cake Pink and lemon ruffle cake
  • Wonder Woman cake  Chocolate biscuit base and second tier chocolate chip tilled with vanilla bean butter cream
  • Teddy cake  Teddy cake
  • Piano/ music cake  Two tier piano/ music 21st birthday cake
  • Teddy bear block birthday cake  Teddy bear block birthday cake
  • Two tier birthday cake  Two tier birthday cake with flowers
  • Candy crush cake  This is a chocolate chip sponge made fo a confirmation
  • Birthday cake  50th Flower birthday cake
  • Boob cake  Made from chocolate biscuit cake
  • Three tier cake  Black and white 21st birthday cake for two best friends with photos of them growing up
  • Two tier cake  Lemon sherbet cake
  • Star cake  A 1st birthday cake for a little star
  • Tea cup cake  Coffee and walnut cake a gift to a godmother
  • 1st birthday cake  Sponge filled cake
  • High heel cake Lemon sponge filled with vanilla butter cream
  • Garden cake  Chocolate biscuit cake all other decorations edible
  • Football cake  Chelsea football cake the ball is vanilla sponge .The base cake is carrott,walnut and coconut cake.
  • Xbox 360 Xbox 360 for local school raffle .Vanilla sponge filled with lemon butter cream
  • Monster Cake Rainbow Monster Cake with Red Velvet Eyeball Cake Pops
  • Golf Cake Bisciut Cake Base, Carrot & Walnut Second Tier, Golf Ball Vanilla Sponge with Lemon Filling
  • Balloon Cake Rainbow Cake with lots of inspiration from CC
  • Belly Cake Red Velvet Cake covered with fondant
  • Garden Cake Chocolate Biscuit Base with Garden Theme with lots of inspiration from Cake Central!
  • Bumble Bee Cake Chocolate sponge with vanilla filling, for little boys birthday.
  • Handbag & Shoes This was made for little girls birthday party.
  • Graduation Cake Books were made from sponge cake, base was chocolate biscuit cake. Enjoyed making this cake.
  • Football Cake My first football cake, ball was made from lemon sponge cake, base was carrot cake.
  • Girls Birthday Cake Rainbow Cake covered with fondant for a little girls birthday
  • High Heel / Make-Up Cake First attempt at a high heel!
  • Knitting Basket Carrot Cake with butter cream and covered with fondant

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