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  • Princess Peppa Pig cake This cake was made for the daughter of a friend who loves Peppa Pig.
  • Burger King Whopper cake
  • Star Wars Wedding Cake
  • Doctor Who themed Candy Bar These were the elements for a the candy bar at a Doctor Who themed wedding. There were quite a few...
  • The Queen of Hearts
  • Friends' Sofa Cake
  • Gandalf Lord of the Rings Cake
  • Alice in Wonderland Cake
  • Valentine's Day Bear
  • Mermaid Cake
  • Real Madrid Birthday Cake
  • Casino - Poker Cake
  • Winnie the Pooh and Friends Halloween Birthday Cake
  • Romantic Wedding Cake
  • Dibo the Dragon figure
  • Dibo the Dragon Cake
  • 7 Ravens Cake: Featured in Cake Central Magazine VOLUME 4 ISSUE 10
  • Christmas 2013 Cake
  • Dragon cake
  • Img 1702
  • Teddy bear cake
  • Bunny cake
  • Gargoyle Cake - Tarta Gárgola
  • Mermaid Cake
  • Purse cake
  • Doraemon cupcakes
  • Doraemon cake
  • Transformers cake
  • Red Angry Bird cake
  • Tarta Piano 1
  • Blue wedding cake
  • Butterfly Blush Wedding cake featured in Cake Central Magazine vol. 4 Issue 2 Maggie Austin inspired wedding cake with isomalt butterflies.
  • Monster High : Draculaura cake I made this cake for a friend of my son's whose name is also Laura. It's completely edible. The doll...
  • Angel teddy bear
  • Angel Teddy Christening Cake This is actually a christening cake I made for my new nephew, Angel. The moon is made of RKT ,...
  • Peonies
  • Angry Birds cupcakes
  • Angry Birds Birthday Cake This cake was made for an Angry Birds themed birthday party for four of my son's classmates. There were also...
  • My Little Pony : Rainbow Dash Cloud House cake
  • Harry Potter Sorting Hat cake This cake was made for a Harry Potter themed birthday party. It´s chocolate cake filled with white chocolate ganache.
  • Iceberg Cake
  • Porsche Carrera cake You can find more photos of  this cake on my blog: http://ellaboratoriodelastartas.blogspot.com.es/2012/06/tarta-porsche-carrera-porsche-carrera.html
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl cake I am very pleased with how this cake turned out. It´s quite big ( 45 x 30 x 55 cm)...
  • Pocoyo cake http://ellaboratoriodelastartas.blogspot.com.es/2012/11/tarta-pocoyo-pocoyo-cake.html
  • Another Nightmare before Christmas Cake
  • Tow Mater birthday cake
  • Blue Dragon Cake This birthday cake is based on the "Smaug the Golden" sculpture by John Howe. You can see more pictures on...
  • Lightning McQueen cake I made this cake for a friend of my son's who has just turned 7. I used edible paper for...
  • Super Mario Bros exploding cake I had a lot of fun making this cake though I had very little time. It's my first one with...
  • Nightmare before Christmas cake This was my first three tier cake. It was for a six-year-old, who's as huge a Burton fan as I...
  • Tow Mater birthday cake I made this cake for my nephew's birthday party. He turned two and is in love with this character. There...
  • Alien Chestburster cake I made this cake for a friend's birthday.It was my first time modeling RKTs. I was pretty happy with the...

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