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  •  Pink Cake Pops   wasc & champagne cakepops; pink white chocolate cover, white chocolate flower decor
  •  Bridal Shower  WASC with pineapple filling and white chocolate flower, Matcha Green Tea Chiffon cake with Honeydew frosting, Champagne cake with brie-...
  •  Bridal Shower - Practice Run  4 types: champagne with brie frosting, green tea with honeydew frosting, yellow cake with pineapple filling and guava frosting, yellow cake...
  •  Jack Daniels Cupcake   Chocolate Jack Daniels cupcake with coffee creme anglaise frosting
  •  Ube!   Ube cupcake with taro frosting
  •  Mango Cupcake, Malt Cupcake   left, mango cupcakeright, malted milk cupcake
  •  Ferrero Rocher Cupcake   Yellow cakeferrero rocher centerchocolate & coffee frosting
  •  Mini Cupcakes   raspberry tiramisu,mango curd cup with fresh strawberries,chocolate mousse
  •  Totoro Birthday Cake   german chocolate cake roll,Totoro on a log
  •  Blood Orange Cupcake With Pineapple Forsting   Blood orange cupcake with mandarin oranges and white chocolate,pineapple frosting, freeze dried pineapple decor
  •  Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel   Chocolate cakeSea salt caramel cream cheese frosting
  •  Buttered Popcorn   yellow cakebuttered popcorn creme anglaise frosting
  •  German Chocolate Cupcake   Chocolate and macapono (coconut sport) cake,Sea salt caramel - cream-cheese frosting,Chocolate drizzle and roasted coconut

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